Erotic Fantasy (18+ ONLY)

Adelle is a tease and a flirt… a collector of admirers, if you will. To be honest, a little more than a bit of a slut when she’s not collared. She’s always needed a strong Master to reign her in!

Adelle called three of her boytoy Dom’s asking for a special play session she was wanting. Being mysterious, she wouldn’t let a detail slip until all three of them were at her house.

Jesse was her favorite! Tall, strong, hard bodied with a cock that fucked her into next week! He had more hold over her than he knew. Adelle would do just about anything Jesse asked… but she’d never tell him that!! Getting Jesse to agree to her terms would be a challenge!!!!

Charles was so turned on by Adelle that he’d do just about anything to be near her. She liked him alright. He didn’t spark the fires of passion in her quite like the others until he was deep inside her, but he was really into her and that made fucking him fun! He was quite a few years older, graying body hair, but his body was still rock hard and he stayed hard for hours like a young buck!! Charles was also really sexually adventurous. He was willing to try just about anything! Just the traits she was looking for in this adventure.

James… what to say about James? FUCK! All he had to do was enter the room and she was drawn to him like a moth to flame. His dom energy made her quiver and stammer for words like a school girl. Just sitting next to him made her wet! Adelle couldn’t resist this man if she tried!!! A few years older, blonde hair, brown eyes, rugged… not the best looking man she’d ever seen, but his sex appeal just sent her off the charts with need!!! James was the most likely of them all to be game for this.

The three men sat in chairs around her living room drinking coffee a little curious as to why Adelle had asked all of them there for a play session. Jesse broke the ice moving beyond the small talk. “Did Adelle ask all of you here for a play session, too?”. The other two said yes and the discussion began as they ran through ideas as to what she could have been planning.

She came back in the room perching on the arm of the sofa. Sipping on her coffee, she listened to what they were throwing around. The giggles began. They couldn’t be farther off!!!

“Oh, good… I see you’ve all introduced yourselves” she purred. They all turned to her with full attention. “I’ve told all of you about each other, so I’m sure there’s a bit of curiosity that’s been building over time. I have a fantasy that I’d like to talk to you guys about doing. Are you willing to hear what I’m thinking? Please be gentle if you hate my idea…. I’m a little embarrassed”.

James winked at her, “Let’s hear it, Baby”. Charles and Jesse nodded in agreement. Settling into their chairs, the listened intently as Adelle began to share her most secret fantasy to date. One she never thought she’d tell a soul… certainly not ask her guys to do with her.

“Well”, she began, “I have a fantasy of being bound to this coffee table. My arms spread eagle, head hanging back over the edge of the table. Hips raised a bit and my legs bound wide for easy access to my pussy”.

Almost in unison, “Sounds great so far!” The guys looked at each other giving each other the guy approval nods each getting a little cocky in his claim over Adelle.

“Once I’m bound…. I’m so embarrassed! I want all of you to take turns fucking me. Not just round robin, but in a specific way. I want one of you to fuck my mouth while one of you is fucking my pussy. While the fucking my pussy, I want him to be fucked in the ass by the third guy. Have an all night fuck fest until everyone has been in every hole and done all of them.”

She sank into the sofa wrapping her arms around her legs, hugging herself tight. The guys looked around the room at each other. James and Charles had hard-ons they couldn’t hide. Charles nodded to James and then Adelle. “I’m game if the others are. It’s fucking hot!” James looked at both men asking, “Game, Jesse? Give Adelle the fucking of her life?”

Adelle was terrified. It was going to happen! She couldn’t back out. Wait… maybe Sean wouldn’t be up for the guy-on-guy thing. Then it happened. “Let’s do it!” came out of Jesse’s mouth. A squeal escaped Adelle’s mouth that was totally unexpected. “Sorry!… I’m really nervous, you guys…”

Jesse patted his lap, inviting her over. “Don’t be, Sweetie. It’s ok. It’ll be fun.” James went to her bedroom to get the rope she kept stashed in her toy box at the foot of her bed. Charles cleared off the coffee table for their fuck fest.

Jesse tickled Adelle, undressing her… putting her more at ease. He kissed her forehead telling her it was time. James was a skilled Shibari rope master, so he bound her intricately to the table for their use. Charles watched, slowly stroking his cock.

James finished tying Adelle’s ankles, completing her biding. She felt so helpless and slutty! Naked, splayed out on display to be fucked and used by three men at once. Her pussy was soaking wet. She tried to control her responses, but it was useless. She was totally helpless and at their mercy at her request.

James pushed his cock deep inside her. She moaned so deep until it was choked off by Charles’s cock thrust to the deepest point of her throat. Jesse slipped behind James, covering his cock with KY and sliding into James’s tight waiting ass. The rhythm of the guys fucking made the thrusts into Adelle deeper and more intense. Jesse pinched her nipples, flicking the tips the way she liked best. Tears ran down her face as she choked on his fat cock. She wanted to beg for mercy, but she couldn’t!! She came the first time with his cock so far down her throat she was struggling to breathe. Her body wracked with pleasure as they continued to fuck her.

There was no mercy! Orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. Her body used, exhausted, dripping with sweat. She was fucked til all three men had come in her and each other.

She lay shaking, too tired to speak after. James, Jesse and Charles took to her aftercare. James untied her, gently massaging her wrists and ankles while Jesse fixed them all a light meal. Charles made a soft pallet of pillows and blankets on the floor for them to share. Adelle was layed in the middle of them all. Cuddles, water, food, a thorough gentle washing. She fell asleep curled up amidst their hard bodies and the smell of sex waking to find them all there waiting for her to wake to go to breakfast.

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