Halloween & Being a Witch

I’ve written a bit in the past about having natural psychic abilities and how I’ve studied to hone them and direct them to my desire. For the sake of simplicity, I choose the title Witch. I didn’t begin this post to talk about my abilities or beliefs, I only mean to give you a little background for the main event. 😉

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A couple days ago Daddy’s co-worker asked Him to switch shifts on Halloween giving her the night off. She’s one who is ready to ask for nearly any reason, but so far has been totally unwilling to reciprocate when He has asked. (The whole reason we didn’t go to the Folsom Street Fair!!! *grrrrrr*)

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When she asked, He told her He didn’t think so, but He’d check with His wife. Then He said, “Halloween is a pretty special day to her… being a witch and all”.

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Daddy said her eyes were big as saucers with a horrified look on her face! She must have imagined me dancing naked with my coven around a fire at Midnight casting curses against everyone I dislike and bringing evil into the world with the look she had on her face!

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Or she thought I go out into the world using a glamour spell to look pretty, but underneath it all… I’m really an ugly old hag that’s mean and evil tricking people with my friendly smile and gourmet cooking!

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Daddy made His point. She isn’t getting the day off!

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I squealed in joy as He told me this story!!! LOL High fives, fist bumps, “I love You’s” and belly laughs lasted a while! No need to worry for this witch, Daddy’s off and taking His little witch out on a Halloween Date!

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4 thoughts on “Halloween & Being a Witch

  1. Oh that’s so terrific!! Excited for you!! Funny, but I was in a Wiccan coven. I love the idea of earth religions, anything Pagan! But to be honest, the whole idea of dancing naked…I’d be one horny bitch. Lol. Years ago I could deny that…not after being His! Wow! Hot thoughts…thanks and have tons of fun beautiful witch!!

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    1. I’d be pretty hot, too. 😉 I don’t practice the religious part of it at all. Not Wiccan or an earth based belief. I’m about as Atheist as you can get. I do believe in the power of the Universe and we can direct what comes and goes through what we put out there.

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