Earthquakes & Other Stuff

Daddy got home from work this morning right on time. A quick kiss and a mini freak out about His first earthquake. He wasn’t sure if He felt it or not. i know i didn’t!!! i shouldn’t tease Him about being a bit freaked out. i’m sure i’ll be more than bit freaked out in my first blizzard and hurricane once we’re settled back East. Frankly, an earthquake registering 4.5 on the Richter scale is barely an earthquake! Loma Prieta back in 1989 was a 6.9!!! Things were rockin’ & rollin’ during that one! When you’ve been in a real earthquake, you’ll know it. lol

Take a look at this link to see how earthquakes are categorized and what the numbers mean.

Daddy’s been sound asleep for the last 4 hours, which delights me to no end! He struggles to get enough sleep after His graveyard shifts. i’m quiet as a church mouse, but stuff keeps Him up. The world around us doesn’t recognize Daddy’s schedule.

i just hung up the phone with my allergist. *sigh* More Prednisone. It’ll have me breathing clear by tonight, but the taper takes a serious tole on my mood. Rather than be crabby from being sick, i’m really crabby from the medication. lol Being little in times like this helps a lot. i can snuggle in and watch movies, eat yummy kitten foods and rely on Daddy. Being big on Prednisone is a recipe for disaster!

The effects of the glutening are finally beginning to stop. The worst and longest lasting symptom is water retention. 10 lbs overnight. It’s finally coming off… typical time is 3-4 days from the day of exposure. Prednisone makes me retain water and gain a couple pounds. FFS… i kinda feel like i’ll never see my face thin and my sexy ankles again. *sigh*

Lots of tea, pick up my meds and back to sleep. i’m getting tired.

5 thoughts on “Earthquakes & Other Stuff

  1. In August, 2011, we had a quake along the fault about 50 miles from our home. I was napping at the time. I did feel it. Later, the news guys said it was a quake. Did some local damage, but the nuclear power plant nearby came through unscathed. All in all, kinda cool.

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