Photo Shoot with Daddy

i was flirting with Daddy one night last week while He was at work. Teasing and taunting Him with magnificent furs with a sexy flair of my sweet little side thrown in for good measure! Daddy instructed that i should be dressed for Him when He got home. i was deep in little space, so being His grown up sexy sub wasn’t going to happen. Welcome to the world of Daddy & kitten…. a furry wonderland of a Daddy and His little one. Hope you enjoy the pictures He took of me!

my favorite spot to curl up
Daddy loves it when i curl up in His Daddy chair. 😉
me snuggled amongst all our stuffies. ♥
There He is!!! Daddy’s wrapped up with the pillow i sent Him before He moved here to be with me. my pretty face on both sides!
Awwww… the sweet afterglow.

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