Devastating Knitting Disaster

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written about my knitting in particular. I took a few days off blogging and spent many hours wrapping up the body of that wool sweater I started a while back.

The sweater is stunning!!! That only goes to make it worse….

I made two big errors in sizing. First, I should have made the next size up. The sweater fits nicely. I just can’t wear it with anything under… and the yarn itches me like crazy!!! 😦 I honestly thought I’d have enough give to be able to put a t-shirt on under. Nope. Not this one. If I lost 20 pounds, SURE! lol

Second error? This one bothers me even more because it’s one I’ve made in the past. Apparently, I’m struggling to adequately measure my torso!!! Yep… it’s too short. Not a little bit. Like to the tune of about 3-4 inches too short. The silly thing doesn’t even reach the top of my belly button.

So, it’s been sitting on my night stand for several days now still on needles with a few rows left to go on the neck before binding off. I’m disheartened and frankly, just want to throw it away! I hear my mother in the back of my mind telling me to rip it out and start again. She always said, “If you like to knit it doesn’t matter if you’re knitting or unknitting“. I’ve never met another knitter who agrees with this!! lol Given the expense of the yarn, I will rip it out and save it for another project. These little skeins are gorgeous and $10 a piece! I’ve got 7 skeins in the sweater already and haven’t done the sleeves yet. Too much to toss.

Think it’ll be a little while before I knit another sweater. The beauty of crochet is you can try it on at any time! Every time I’ve crocheted a sweater, the fit has been perfect. Not as pretty or intricate, but the silly thing fits like a glove.

Happy knitting friends. Today, I will be unknitting.

8 thoughts on “Devastating Knitting Disaster

    1. I think we all have. It’s part of knitting. The worst mistake I’ve made was forgetting to do the increase row on at the chest of men’s Nordic pattern. I got to the shoulder decreases and saw that the sweater was way out of shape. I think I actually cried! That one is still on my list of re-knits.

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  1. I really don’t like hitting the like button on your post because I know how down you must be feeling from unknitting your sweater. 😥
    I am sure you will find something yummy to make with gorgeous yarn 🙄

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