Good Morning!

Daddy and i stayed up really late last night, so i’m just getting up. It’s almost 11:30! We watched The Flintstones last weekend on regular cable. i was hoping to find it again, but no such luck. It was awesome watching Fred & Barney get into their shenanigans!!! i’d forgotten just how much i loved that show!

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Today is Daddy’s last day of work for the week. YAY!!!! We haven’t had an actual weekend day off together in a very long time. And… and… and He has Sunday and Monday off together!!! Daddy’s usual schedule has split days off and the “weekend” we usually share together starts after a graveyard shift. *sigh* It sucks, but we’re doing it for now. i’m excited to have two full days off with Him. 🙂 ♥

Last night i teased Daddy big time. Some might call it bratting. 😉 For today, i choose to call it teasing. *giggling* It started with me saying: slave, make me a sandwhich! As you can imagine, Daddy wasn’t pleased with this. *giggling* i got the look, warnings, verbal scolding, but i was determined to play with Daddy! After a few minutes of back and forth, i told Daddy: you’re going to be punished for your disobedience and there was only one suitable punishment for this offense. i was up in a flash straddling Daddy’s legs with my bottom towards Him. Slipper off! i tickled His foot til He was writhing with laughter!!!! His spanks on my bottom only urged me on. *giggling* He fought me some. His legs are sooo strong!!! i had to use both hands laced together under one leg to lift it!!! i quickly put both feet under his leg so He couldn’t put it flat on the floor again escaping my tickling fingertips!!! Daddy hadn’t been so disobedient to deserve torture, so i stopped fairly quickly. *wink, wink*

i sat down in His lap, snuggling in close. Daddy wrapped His arms around me in a big, warm hug! He started to laugh a little as He told me how impressed He was that i could budge His legs. (Daddy was a pro-cyclist when He was young and has stayed athletic.) After a moment, He told me just how much He loves having me sit in His lap. ♥ He declared this needs to happen much more often!

Waiting for Daddy to wake up today. 🙂 He looks soooo sweet all snuggled in the blankets. i love Him so much! Have a great day, you guys. i’m gonna go wake Daddy up with butterfly kisses. ♥

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