Flashlights, Ghost stories & Kink (18+ only)

What does any newly wed couple do when you’re all alone, there’s no electricity and hours of darkness? Yeah… that’s exactly what we did! *giggles*

We snuggled in for an early night, cocktail in hand, for a bit of fun. As the darkness fell all around us, we turned the flashlights on, shining them on the ceiling to give a nice glow to the room. We talked and laughed. i begged Daddy to tell me a ghost story. Did He ever!! Daddy made me jump! *giggling*

Two drinks in and i was chatty and all about Daddy… more than usual. 😉 He went out for a smoke and i followed. Daddy stood in front of me, stroking my hair as i chattered about something or another. All of a sudden, i looked at His crotch and asked if i could… Daddy never denies permission for my sweet lips wrapped around His lollipop in worship!

Outside in our backyard, i sucked Daddy’s big lollipop ’til He was dizney from all the blood rushing south! We came inside and i slipped outta my pants squatting low on the sofa for Daddy’s use. He smacked my bare bottom telling me “Upstairs!”.

Both of our clothes strewn across the house. Living room floor, stairs, bedroom floor… like one of those scenes you see in the movies.

We hit the bed and Daddy had me pinned beneath Him. Daddy’s voice washed over me guiding me through erotic hypnosis until i was fully under His control and deep in subspace.

That night was not about Daddy’s pleasure. His pleasure was giving me pleasure and watching me cum over and over til i was dizzy and slipped into a deep sleep.

Vibrator on my clit kneeling in doggy style pushing back against Daddy’s hand thrusting my glass dildo deep inside my dripping pussy til i came.

Kneeling beside Him fucking my own pussy for Him with a huge dildo begging Him to claim me and tease my nipples. Begging always brings out the Lion in Daddy. Growling, scratching, demanding tones of a Master showing owenership. i came again!

Laying back where Daddy could watch, leg draped over His waist and my arm laced around His leg holding Him tight. Vibrator on my clit, His tongue swirling in and out, around my deep hole slipping down to my tight dark rosebud. Daddy’s tongue pushed me over the edge! my entire body shook, hips thrusting, dripping in sweat…. uncontrollable screams took over. i begged Daddy to allow me to scream. He just growled urging me on.

Daddy pulled me deep in His arms holding me tight, stroking my hair, kissing my forehead, cooing “Daddy has you, little one” as i panted and shook. He stayed right with me until i returned from subspace. He brought me water instructing me to finish the glass before laying back down. Exausted, dizzy, happy, Daddy’s sweet little one…. i obeyed falling asleep within moments.

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