What age play looks like for me…

When Daddy and i first met, we were both pretty rigidly against age play. It hit that moral “Ewwwwww” spot for both of us. Slowly over time, we found ourselves dipping our toes in… now it’s a regular part of our sex life.

i’ve found that engaging in age play takes various forms depending on mood, kink of the day and whether i’m in little space or not. Age play is anything but one size fits all… or even most. lol

Most of the time, sex or any type of foreplay will throw me right out of little space. This is when the true kinky fantasy elements of age play shine through in our dynamic. Kidnapping, taking advantage of a young woman, teaching an innocent virgin how to please Daddy. There are others, these are the ones that come to mind first. When i’m not in little space and we’re engaging in age play, it’s kinky, dirty, extremely taboo, primal. One area we don’t role play is Daddy/daughter. It just doesn’t hit our particular kinks.

On occasion, i will be little during sex or i’ll shift into little space. It looks and feels extremely different! Daddy and i never have true “vanilla” sex, but when i’m in little space it’s the closest we get. Soft, gentle, Daddy doting on me, cooing what a good girl i am and how much He loves me. It’s closeness, emotionally and physically bonding. Sometimes i’ll lay my head on Daddy’s thigh and suck on His lollipop long and slow because it’s soothing as He runs His fingers through my hair, stroking gently. Daddy is protective and loving in His approach with me when i’m in little space. If the kink element is introduced, i shy away almost whining. my needs are that of a little girl who wants and needs to be loved, safe, protected, doted on… it just happens in a sexual way with the man i love.

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