Tritip for Breakfast?

As you know, i was up at the crack of dawn. i started cleaning house around 8:30. Didn’t get much done, but it was nice time spent with Daddy. ā™„ In the course of futzing around the kitchen, i remembered there was meat in the fridge that needed to be packaged in portions and frozen. Darn! i didn’t have another big Ziplock freezer bag for the 2nd tritip…nothing to do but cook it. šŸ˜€ Daddy is a true meat & potatoes guy. He wasn’t displeased when He woke to the aroma of roasting meat.

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Photo Credit: NYT Cooking

i tucked 4 nice big potatoes in the pan so He’d have a couple to take to work tonight. Poor Daddy has to eat more steak and baked potatoes tonight! *giggling*

We sat out back taking in the morning sun and chatting about anything and everything. Daddy was spellbound staring at my hair. He said the color was like nothing He’d seen before with the sun hitting it. Copper…. my hair was glimmering copper in the sun like a shiny new penny. ā™„ Eventually i got shy from the compliments, blushing and tucking my head inside my unicorn hood. Daddy said, “Don’t get shy on me”, almost a command. i whimpered a bit that it’s ok to be shy while obeying.

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Last night we were watching Beat Bobby Flay and one of the chefs was a young woman with a stunning tattoo stretching down her arm, across her chest to her shoulder. It was very delicate trailing green vines with small pink flowers, like cherry blossoms. i’m rarely taken with tattoos, but this one struck me so that i commented twice. Daddy said, “I’d allow you to get something like that.” His permission for the tattoo itself wasn’t that important, though it delighted me on so many levels! That was the first time Daddy exercised His ownership and control of my body indicating His permission is required. Makes me tingle knowing that Daddy wishes to have a strong level of control over my body!!!

Funny how such a simple statement can have such a strong sexual impact.

10 thoughts on “Tritip for Breakfast?

      1. LOL…thankfully, I have been very good this week and won’t have to endure spankin’ Sunday! Though I have endured morning spankings each day…maybe this is why I’ve been so good! I have the weekend off from homework, and we are planning to enjoy a lot of family time and to do a bit of antique shopping šŸ™‚

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      2. Sounds wonderful!!! ā™„ We love antique shopping and hitting the flea market from time to time. I’m getting into furniture makeovers. I wanted to for the longest time, but was afraid. Did my first piece and LOVE it! ā™„ Daily spankings is a bit more than i think i could endure! i’d be good for sure! šŸ™‚

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