Freaky Friday?

Well, i certainly hope so!!! *giggling* i woke up at zero dark early this morning with leg cramps. Ugh! Been a long time since i’ve had them. By the time i’d walked them off and hydrated i was wide eyed and bushy tailed. Quite literally… i slept in my unicorn onesie last night and it has a long fuzzy tail. 🙂

Our weekend is over. Daddy goes back to work this afternoon. Friday and Saturday nights are always Hell for Him. Busy… and people are rude. Well, that shouldn’t be news to anyone. *giggles* Yesterday was nice. A much needed reprieve after the day we had on Wednesday. Naps, cuddles, movies, great music, good food, cocktails, lots of laughter. All was right in the world of Daddy & kitten yesterday. ♥

A guy is coming out to give me an estimate on the floors this morning. i’m hoping it’s reasonable and i can get it done sooner than later! Once the repairs are complete we’ll be listing the house and moving back East. i simply can’t wait!!!!

Looking at houses is something i’ve always enjoyed. Wandering through homes while they’re under construction, open houses, looking online. It’s been a life long hobby. 🙂 Keeps my finger on the pulse of prices and markets. Never a bad thing!!

i’ve started packing. A little at a time. No rush, but don’t procrastinate. Packing up a 3 bedroom home is no small feat! Part of the fun is going through things, looking at them, deciding what goes and what gets a new home. It’ll be much easier this time. i haven’t even been in this house 2 years yet!! Yep, a year and a half in and my “new” house practically exploded. lol If i don’t laugh i’ll cry!

Daddy and i are looking at brand new homes, among others, in a beautiful small town in New Hampshire. The town is nestled in a valley a few miles away from skiing, rivers, hiking and about an hour away from the Atlantic ocean. i’ve never lived farther than an hour from the ocean. Couldn’t live in a landlocked place. i think i’d go crazy! i’m leaning more and more towards a brand new home after this plumbing disaster. With a new home, it’ll be years before anything major needs to be done. We both love the charm of the older houses, so it’s a hard choice. i’m of the mindset that you can build charm and character into a home if it’s not there. It’s really hard when i look at home built in 1890 that has all of the character and charm we love AND it’s been recently remodeled with all of the modern updates and conveniences. Sure makes choosing difficult!!! Fortunately, we don’t have to choose today. 🙂

i may just wander into Home Depot or some other home store today to begin looking at kitchen cabinets. Heard from the insurance company today and they’ll be sending out an adjustor to give me the go ahead on replacing the entire kitchen. Half the kitchen is gone and more than half of our granite counters were broken in the demo process to get the plumbing done. It’s gotta get done soon!!! We’re already at 2 months 1 week without proper use of a kitchen. i never realized just how difficult it is not having a kitchen sink!!! i think that’s really the hardest thing of all!!!

Well, friends, i’ve rambled on long enough. Hopefully something fun, exciting and really kink happens today! If not, there’s always tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Freaky Friday?

  1. Awww!! So exciting, Jodie!! ❤ Super big hugs to you both as you house hunt and move back East. It's a new chapter and a great new adventure! xx

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