Tiny Talk Tuesday

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Little Penny Berry started this series and i’m jumping on the bandwagon!

Topic: Naughty Halloween: Hot or Not

Would you ever wear matching Halloween costumes with your dominant? Why or why not? 

You bet! Daddy and i are actually talking about it. *giggles* We are 100% one of those cutesy couples. 😉 We’ve been talking about getting matching Tigger onesies for the longest time.

What is your personal opinion on risque Halloween costumes (such as: french maid outfit, naughty devil, etc.)? 

Halloween is my most favoritest holiday! It’s been the topic of lots of chatter in our house the last couple of weeks. We were talking about ideas and i suggested Daddy dress in a suit and me in a sexy French maid outfit. Daddy’s roar could be heard for miles!!! *giggles* Even in little space i’ve got a fair dose of sexy and risque so the idea appeals to me greatly.

Should there be an age limit on trick-or-treating? 

Yes! i think i’m on board with the vast majority of people that trick-or-treating is for little kids. i don’t really like it when the high school kids come… but i guess it’s better than other activities they could be doing. There are lots of ways to celebrate Halloween for those of us who are no longer physically young. Let the kids enjoy something just for them.

Would you ever attend a Halloween Costume Party just for Littles? 

OMG! Yes!!!! *Tigger bouncing with excitement* i have always wanted to have a slumber party or some other little party. *giggles* i have a million ideas running through my head of fun activities to do. *squeeling with excitement*

Do you think stores should be able to sell costumes that some might find culturally offensive? (for example: sexy Pocahontas, a ninja, a geisha, a gypsy, etc.) 

Absolutely! i don’t view it as being rude or insensitive to dress in costumes which don’t belong to our culture. Halloween is the ultimate game of dress up and fantasy!! To each their own on this one day. Just like kinks… i may not understand some or even be disgusted, but live and let live.

5 thoughts on “Tiny Talk Tuesday

  1. I loved your responses, Jodie!! We are SO alike! lol And if you and your Daddy do get matching outfits this year, you HAVE to take a pic! You two would look simply adorable! 😀 xx

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