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Tuesdays are our Fridays!
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i’m jumping for joy, celebrating “Friday“. Daddy and i survived this carzy hard week without doing anything naughty! i mean the bad kind of naughty, not the fun kind. This week has been long and really stressful!

He’s sleeping so He can go in for that last graveyard shift. i’m taking breaks to blog between cleaning the house and getting “big” stuff done. i may be doing big stuff, but i feel little inside.

i wanna go snuggle up to Daddy in our big bed. Hold on tight while He piggy backs me far, far away. i’d wake Him up if i did. *sigh* i’m not sleepy right now and i’d fuss and toss and turn. That’s not being Daddy’s good girl. i want Daddy to be well rested.

Ohhh…. We had the bestest tumble in bed yesterday afternoon! YAYYYYY!!!!! It was a variety show of all sorts of kinky fun. *swooning* Bestest Daddy evah! ♥ He took such good care of His little girl that i slept for the next 3 hours. He woke me up gently surprising me with BBQ’d steaks. Isn’t that just best Daddy of the year award material? *giggles* It is in this kitten’s book. 🙂 Yayyyy Daddy!!

my little kitten brain is thinking about what to make for dinner. Yummy food! i always send Daddy off to work well fed and a lunch to tide Him over til He gets home in the morning. *giggles* His co-workers tease Him about the lunches He takes. Smothered pork chops, baked potatoes and broccoli. Steak, homemade lasagna, chicken parm. All the good stuff. lol Daddy’s boss told Him that his wife sent him with a cheese sandwhich with the plastic still on it as he drooled over Daddy’s lunch.

Back to work for this playful kitten. i could chatter endlessly today. *giggles* i’m excited that it’s Friday and Daddy has a couple days off, even if we don’t do much. i just love having Daddy home!

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