Out-Bratting A Brat

A couple days ago i was really full of piss ‘n’ vinegar! i was giving Daddy a hard time in my fun, playful, bratty way. i don’t remember how it started. Doesn’t really matter. He was correcting me for something and i upped my anti and did the ultiimate No-No in Daddy’s book. i looked Him square in the eye and said, “No… I”M the Daddy!” He stood in front of me with fire blazing in those sexy eyes in that Superman pose. Hands on His hips, legs apart a bit. He looked huge and mad! i heard, “kiTTTennnn…. who’s the Daddy?” through almost clenched teeth. i started to giggle and pull myself in tight with few access points. “You are…” i giggled in response. “That’s right! I’M the Daddy!! Always!

i smiled up at Him…. then stuck my tongue out at Him. He stuck His tongue back out at me! Whaaat?! So i did it again even more pronounced. That’s when He did it. He stuck His tongue out really far leaning into me and started rubbing His stuck out tongue on my stuck out tongue.

EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Daddddddyyy!!!!” i pulled away laughing complaining about how gross it was! Laughing, He snuggled me in His arms kissing my forehead.

You just out-bratted me…” i sighed. “MmmmmHmmmm” was His only reply.

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