Always Owned

Ownership goes far deeper than an outward sign or symbol… it’s burned in my heart with the love and devotion i have for Daddy. Wearing a collar, bracelet or any other symbol of my ownership serve as a reminder keeping me submissive.

A simple collar telling the world i belong to Daddy!
i’ve worn this bracelet 24/7 since Daddy moved to California as an outward sign of my eternal devotion and servitude.

5 thoughts on “Always Owned

    1. I consider my collar to be my wedding ring! ♥ It NEVER comes off. May seem vanilla to many, but it’s got the same meaning for us. We had a very private ceremony in our home officiated by my best friend and his husband was our witness. Was beautiful. All of us knew that the marriage was also a collaring. We wrapped them into the same ceremony. Was beautiful! ♥

      Daddy knows how much i want a formal collar, so He’s going to make me one. He does leather crafting!! i can’t wait!!! ♥


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