Buzzy Stingy Bee

The bee that stung Daddy!

i had a little moment in the Dollar Tree and bought a set of animal chip clips because one of them is a froggy… and Daddy LOVES froggies! So begins my tale….

A few days ago we were chomping on chips watching TV. The buzzy bee caught my eye and a bratty little moment was upon us!

i picked up the bee buzzing it towards Daddy Buzzzz! It’s gonna get You, Daddy!

He laughed. That bee’s ok. It’s not gonna hurt Daddy. (Daddy is allergic to bees!)

Careful, Daddy!! Buzzing the bee at Him playfully snapping the clip.

Daddy watched me play smiling at my silliness.

All the sudden He exclaims: OUCH!!! kitten….!

(i’d buzzed the bee right against His arm and clipped it to His arm hair.)

i giggled hiding my face trying to stop laughing. Told You to be careful, Daddy!

He laughed!!!

i asked Him yesterday how this scored on the bratty scale (assuming it was pretty far up there). When He stopped laughing, He told me it was adorable and really funny!

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