A Moment to Reflect

In my career it was imperative that I know where my biases lie. I was in a position where I worked closely, counseling people of all types who were in a psychological crisis. In order to do my job, be kind and help them create and follow goals they wanted, I needed to be able to set my opinions and feelings aside. Sometimes it was really hard… almost impossible, yet I always found a way to connect with the person and set my opinions aside. I bring this up now because I find myself in a position where I’m opening myself up to new people and things through my blog…. and I’m struggling with a few biases.

I’m a little. I regress. I call my husband Daddy. I’m submissive. I’m an owned and collard slave. I engage in age play. I’ve been a Domme. I’ve owned a male submissive. I’ve been known to switch. Emotional sadism is one of the kinks I have as a Domme. I’m kinky AF! Bottom line, there are a ton of things right here which would give people reasons to question me, not understand, be rude, unkind, simply not understand. There are kinks which I struggle to understand and view as anything other than ewwww!!!! Not the people! NEVER THE PERSON!!!! The kinks hits that hard limit, RED space for me in a way that it’s hard for me to learn more, understand where it comes from, what it’s like for the person. It’s hard to even hear about it hits my red so hard.

You may be asking me why I expose myself to it at all if it bothers me so much. The answer is simple. A kink is a part of who a person is, not the entire person. I follow blogs that have elements of all sorts of things I disagree with, disapprove of and are hard no’s for me. Underneath each of them, there’s a person that I enjoy in a bunch of other ways. I’m practicing tolerance, kindness, love, open-mindedness.

In my life, I’ve found ways to be kind to and find something to like about many people I may have otherwise not had the opportunity to know. I’ve grown a lot from knowing people who are different. I hope that in my differences someone learns, grows and finds benefit in having given me a chance in spite of __________. That’s what this post is about. Finding a way to grow and be a better person by allowing myself to look past ______ and get to know the person behind it.

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