Playing Dress Up

NSFW, Adult Content

Tonight will be a nice date night with Daddy. He’s off for the next couple of days. Time for us to unwind, reconnect, bond. PLAY!!

i have the perfect outfit all chosen. A slinky black wrap around number with corset ties down the side. The dress hugs every curve just right and shows off my ample cleavage. Pair it with stockings, heels and a fur vest…. what more could Daddy ask for?!

Deep down, i’m always His little girl…. no matter how grown up i look on the outside. Last time i dressed up, He ravaged me while admonishing me… “This is what happens when you play dress up!”. He fucked me hard, savagely…until i begged Him to treat me like a big girl in my little girl voice. Daddy growled, exploding deep inside me filling my tight little pussy with His huge cock and so much cum it gushed.

Daddy ordered me to dress up to please Him later. i can’t hardly wait! i soaked in a sweet smelling bubble bath earlier. Shaved my legs nice and slow making sure to do it perfectly. Groomed my princess parts the way Daddy likes. i lathered myself in His favorite scented lotion after, so i’d be soft and smooth…. smelling as He pleases. i sit here typing with my hair drying in curlers as He naps a bit before our evening out. Soon i’ll put on make-up finishing with the reddest of lips to please Daddy. i’ll brush out my hair and style it to crown my face with soft curls and slip in the purl-studded kitten ears He’s asked me to wear.

And…. now i wait.

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