Icky kitten

The day was going fine yesterday. i’d gotten a lot done and my last task to check off my list was sweeping the floor. i keep stepping on little things and it hurts! lol i run around barefoot most of the time, even though Daddy tells me not to…. old habits die hard.

While scrubbing the bathroom, i looked up see myself pink and flushed. i didn’t feel hot. The flushing spread across my face, neck, chest and down my shoulders and upper back. Uh-oh. i sat down a bit with a glass of fresh lemonade and the nausea hit shortly after.

Daddy came down from a short nap, took one look at me and determined it was nap time for kitten. He brought me 2 Advil and layed down next to me curling me up in His arms until i fell asleep. Ruffi had puked on a blanket downstairs, so it was the last load in the wash. When it was done, Daddy got up to take the laundry to dry. i woke up, wanting to go with Him… wanting to help.

my tummy was still yucky and i was soo sleepy, but i wanted to go and help Daddy. He told me no and tucked me back in on the sofa with orders not to move until He got home. i didn’t argue. i put on Monsters, Inc and fell asleep within minutes snuggled up with Ruffi and Cuddles to take good care of me. i vaguely remember Daddy coming home and putting a blanket over me. i woke up to the smell of dinner cooking. 🙂 Daddy just took care of everything. ♥ Laundry folded & put away, dinner cooked, His lunch made… my job was to rest.

Daddy needed more rest before going in for His overnight shift. i took all my meds and snuggled in next to Him. i was asleep before my head hit the pillow. Daddy got up a few hours later and got ready for work. He tucked me in for the night. i remember Him tucking me in, though i didn’t fully wake up.

i woke up at 4:30 am and just needed to hear Daddy’s voice. A quick chat on the phone before curling up in bed again. i’m not terribly sleepy at this point, but i’m still yucky. Coughing, headache, nauseous. i’m always really little when i’m sick. Just wanna snuggle and have Daddy close.

Today i’ll happily stay tucked in bed with Daddy while He sleeps. Hope to be feeling better soon…. i have the bestest Daddy!!! ♥ i’ll do my best not to whine…. 🙂 i love You bunches, Daddy!!!!

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