A few weeks back Daddy & i went on an afternoon date to the Charles M. Schulz Museum (aka: The Snoopy Museum)! Check it out ! Sadly, we forgot our camera. Next time!

This is my favorite exhibit in the whole museum! β™₯ It’s a 2 story wall of single tiled Charlie Brown comic strips arranged to create this well known image. Can stand there for hours reading the individual comics. πŸ™‚

Snoopy’s dog house is outside the front door with fun designs painted all over it. i couldn’t help myself… i really tried…. but i had to get down on my hands and knees trying to climb inside! Daddy caught the giggles watching me.

It was near closing time, half an hour left, so they gave us a heck of a deal on admission. Sadly, we missed out on watching Charlie Brown movies in the theater and spending time in the drawing room upstairs. The drawing room has tables all around with paper and books on drawing and cartooning. It’s great fun! πŸ™‚ Last time i was there i drew Speed Racer. i did a great job… impressed myself!!!

Daddy and i walked through the exhibits reading all the comics. This time, the theme was camping. i grabbed Daddy’s hand dragging Him here and there excitedly showing Him all of the funny ones. πŸ™‚ How can you not play and be happy in a place filled with Snoopy?!

i went a little ahead of Daddy to make Him smile. When He turned the corner…. there i was… sitting inside a gigantic Snoopy food bowl wearing Snoopy ears holding a β™₯ sign! *giggles* πŸ™‚ i couldn’t have been happier! Daddy grinned ear-to-ear, shaking His head a bit saying He wished He’d remembered the camera. i just laughed pointing at the Woodstock caps and cartoon bubble word signs… “Play with me, Daddy?”. He pulled a bright yellow knit cap with a fringe to look like Woodstock’s hair on His head and a playful sign before sitting on the edge of the bowl tickling me and giving me a kiss on my forehead. Daddy looked adorable in the Woodstock cap!!! He needs a bright yellow Mohawk!!! *giggles* We swapped ears and hats and Daddy picked new signs for us to play with. Daddy looked really silly wearing Snoopy ears! πŸ˜› He loved me in the Woodstock hat…. but i liked the ears better.

i climbed out of the bowl and we headed upstairs to look at the recreation of Schulz’s office, all of his hockey trophies and my favorite part… the wall he painted in his daughter’s nursery which was the precursor to Charlie Brown. β™₯ i grinned, pointing at it and asked Daddy playfully if we can paint a wall like that. He put His arm around my waist nodding His head… “We sure can, kitten”.

Closing time was upon us. We headed out, Daddy promising to go back when we had all day. i held His hand swinging our arms happily chatting as we headed home for dinner.

A purrrrrfect little date with my Daddy!! β™₯

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