House Work Today

Woke up early and started in on the housework. Laundry to get done. It’s piled up because our dryer doesn’t work and I need Daddy to help me carry it downstairs and to the car. Bad back sucks! There is so much cleaning to do that I don’t want to do any of it!!!! Bad case of the fuck it’s today. Feels pointless… but it won’t be when it’s done.

I really enjoy doing housework and keeping the house up. It brings me joy and contentment seeing that things are in order and easy. The physical work feels good, too. Stretching, moving, walking all over as I do chores.

Not the case when I’m washing dishes in the bathroom sink and there are small piles of dishes because I don’t have a counter or sink to really put them in to keep it under control. UGH!!!!

Soon (relative sentiment) this will be over with and I’ll be back to my normal routine of keeping a near spotless home again. 😉 Can’t wait! Seriously!!! ♥ For now, I’m doing the best I can.

2 thoughts on “House Work Today

    1. A nap may be coming soon. I’m flushed from head to toe and feel a bit nauseated. Too much V8? The heat? Just yucky. Got most of the chores done. Stephen will help with the remainder of the laundry. Cold glass of fresh lemonade now and rest.

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