His Voice

NSFW Adult Content

I have an aural fetish…. a kink which I don’t hear all that many people talking about. Voice… talking, the sound of a mans voice, inflection, tone…. this is one of the things which pushes me into submission and orgasm faster than anything else. It’s not all voices, all men. It’s less about what’s being said, than how. Phone sex was a huge part of my sex life when I was single. Not because sex wasn’t available, but because it met kinks and fetishes which are hard to meet otherwise. Is it any wonder that I share Daddy’s fascination and love of erotic hypnosis?

What could be more erotic to a person, like me, who is turned on merely by the sound of a man’s voice talking? Add in the component of guiding, directing, commanding me to be or do something… feel a certain way. I’m purring as I write this!!!

When Daddy posted about erotic hypnosis on His blog https://lifeofadaddymaster.home.blog/2019/09/11/erotic-hypnosis/ all i could think about was His voice. We haven’t delved into it as much as we want, but the times we have were… multi-orgasmic and subspace producing with not much effort.

Daddy’s voice is rich, smooth, deep, comforting, controlled. He has one of those voices that make most women want to listen to Him. *Purrr* Yes, it’s His voice that makes me shiver and submit, but more…. it’s listening to Him talk and hearing His voice drop ever so slightly as the sexual energy grows between us. Smoother, deeper… enticing me to relax and give in. Erotic hypnotism takes it the next step where He’s directing me to give in to Him, allow Him to take control… let my body relax. He’s physically close, though it’s not about touching…. His words wash over me with the sole intention of making me submit to Him. Whispering right into my ear, feeling His breath and desire demanding that i be His.

Eyes closed and Him lying close and no other touch, His words guide my body to respond. Tingling nipples. “Your pussy is soo wet for Me….” in a long, slow, smooth tone commanding my body to do as it’s told. my pussy is wet, ready and desiring Him. A reminder that i belong to Him and i’m totally under His control and will do as i’m told. Still no touch, only His voice commanding my mind, body and soul to do as He wishes. i can’t beg…. i’m too deep… too far away… only do as i’m told. With His hand cupping my face, He tells me to “cum for Daddy”. As ordered, my body writhes in orgasms cumming from nothing more than His voice, His words, His desires.

Pulling me close, stroking me gently, His voice soothing me, bringing me back to the present with Him. Eyes fluttering open, meeting His… shy and vulnerable. “Daddy loves you, kitten…. you’re such My good girl” holding me, cooing me until i’m fully back. His voice soothes, protects, comforts and loves just as it controls.

Daddy’s voice…. hmmmmm… i love Daddy’s voice!

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