Pin Up Glamour

There is comfort in being married. Settling in, finding routine and sadly, taking for granted that you’re loved, desired and no longer on the market. I’m somewhat guilty of this myself. The glamorous look of hair and makeup done daily, stylish pin up clothes showing off my curves and ample cleavage have reduced to a simpler look. I’ve gained a few pounds which sadly adds to settling for a less polished look. I miss putting myself together each morning for the pride it gives me…. and having Daddy look at me with lust in His eyes.

I was reminded tonight of how much I like dressing up. Daddy and I were looking at pictures of classic cars and inevitably there’s a pin up girl with a car. Flirting started a bit. I asked about a few dresses and hairstyles. The spark was reignited. Bring sexy back!!!!

The classic look of the 1930’s through 1950’s is a look both of us like a lot. Daddy would rather dress in a suit than anything else. I live in dresses. Take it up a notch again and bring the class back to my everyday look.

Daddy was more than happy to support me in getting back in my groove. πŸ˜‰ Facials and mani/pedis Saturdays. Taking those few extra minutes to put makeup on. Turn down the ice cream bar to lose the 10 pounds. It’s a package deal with a domino affect.

Looking forward to shining for Daddy later today!! β™₯

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