A Tuesday in September

It’s been one of those days. It started with getting up before Daddy got home and just slid more sideways as the day went on. Phone calls…. dealing with insurance and contractors. Talking to attorneys. Waiting too long to eat and forgetting to take my meds on time. I was successful in getting immediate payment from the insurance company. It was issued today! Still just an off day. Tuesdays are always kinda sucky to begin with. Daddy sleeps pretty much the entire day, gets up and goes back to work… so I’m alone. It’s a different feeling when He’s here but sleeping versus not home. Somehow, I feel more alone and work harder to keep myself on schedule when He’s sleeping. Don’t ask me to figure out the psychology of that! lol my day has been far from bad, just different.

We brought home a big stack of moving boxes last week. We are most certainly moving cross country. A matter of when, not if. I busied myself carefully packing our good china and some of the nick knacks we had to put away with all of the construction. It was therapeutic. The two boxes made it feel like i was actually moving forward on our plans. Packing made it feel real. i could breathe a deep sigh of relief that i’d moved us an inch forward.

Took the pup for a walk around the neighborhood. He was sooo excited!! He waggled his little tail, sniffed and marked all of his usual spots… plus a few news ones. 😉 A friend of my moms’ used to say she took her dog to the dog park to “check his pee-mail and leave a reply“. lol Her grandson came up with that. It seems to fit Ruffi quite well.

Autumn is beginning to blow in. The days are getting shorter and cooler. Tonight the sky was blue, but heavy with dark gray clouds. For the first time in months it felt like it may rain. It’s way too soon here in Northern California. Still a nice sign that soon the winds will blow the orange and red leaves from the trees, sweaters will be a welcome change…. and my favorite part… the beauty of the vast vineyards in late fall.

Daddy was awake when i came back from walking Ruffi. The aroma of fresh toast wafted through the front door greeting me. We watched a bit of M*A*S*H. We’ve seen every episode a zillion times. There’s comfort in the familiar. Like a visit with old friends.

Daddy needed more sleep, so we headed up to snuggle and rest our eyes. He kissed my forehead, then my lips before rolling over so i could piggy back, slipping my arm around Him resting my hand under His. Our nightly routine. ♥ All felt right in the world. Daddy was close. Sleep came fast for us both. i struggled with bad dreams. The one i remember was a monster of sorts eating Daddy’s face off. i jerked almost awake rolling over to get away from the dream. Daddy stayed close, spooning me tight. i slipped back into sleep, though fit full dreams kept me from settling again. The wind whipped through the upstairs slamming the door to the spare bedroom. i startled awake. This time afraid with no chance of going back to sleep.

So, here i sit in my corner of the sofa, legs tucked up under me writing to soothe away the bad dreams until Daddy gets up to get ready for work. i miss Him today. More than i can put to words. Tomorrow is His day off. Time to bond and reconnect. The world will be right again.

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