Stockings & Heels

NSFW. Adult Content. 18+ or keep scrolling.

What man doesn’t love a pair of sexy legs in fishnets & red heels?

He growled, “you’re going to make Daddy cum”, pushing His cock in my mouth as i sat ankles bound to the chair, hands bound in front. Fist in my hair commanding my movements, fucking my hot mouth hard and deep. He groaned deeply as i gagged struggling to take all He gave me. “Take it all! That’s a good girl… take it all”. He edged pulling out.

Hands still bound, pushed on the bed blindfolded i felt His lips kissing the marks on my ankles up to my inner thighs. i couldn’t hold my moans, whimpering “Daddy…” almost begging. He grabbed my ample ass kneading as His hot breathe teased my dripping sex.

Struggling against the rope binding my hands…. i needed to touch Him, pull Him into my eager cunt. Hips thrusting trying to find His tongue. His deep, teasing laugh sent waves of pleasure through my whole body. “Oh? kitten wants her Daddy to suck her pussy?” The words were more of a command than an actual question. “Yes, Sir!” barely above a whisper. “Say it again!” He growled. “Yes, Sir…” came out in a moan.

i couldn’t feel Him. Where was He? i struggled to behave and not call for Him. my entire body was shaking with the need to please Him!

There He was! He pushed me onto my belly slapping my ass, “On your knees, slut”. i struggled to quickly obey with my hands bound and blindfolded on top of the slick bead spread. Face down, ass up, legs spread wide. “So fucking sexy. you’re MINE. All MINE!” pressing a vibrator against my swollen clit. “Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!” i screamed, “Yes, Master…. i belong to You”.

Master pressed the vibrator all over my cunt teasing every inch, pressing against my tight asshole. “Oh god… ohhhh Daddy!!!!” i was near cumming. “Don’t cum, kitten…. don’t you dare! Not until I tell you.” Clenching my pussy as tight as possible to hold back the waves about to rush through me, biting my lip, “Yes, Master… i promise”. His hand stroked my cheek, “That’s my good girl”. He shifted, pushing His throbbing cock back in my mouth while pressing the vibe against my clit. He fucked my mouth and my pussy hard. “Cum for Daddy. CUMMMM!” He commanded. As i came, i sucked His cock like His hungry slut wanting all of His cum pouring down my throat. i swallowed and swallowed licking and sucking Him dry as i came.

Daddy sat, pulling me into His lap. Hands untied and blindfold off. He stroked my face, looking deep in my eyes. Handing me the vibrator He told me to cum until He told me to stop. No words… just obedience. i pressed the vibrator to my pussy cumming again instantly. “Look in my eyes, kitten”… the order that pushes me to cum harder every time! i screamed and moaned calling His name. “That’s my good girl. Don’t stop. Keep going.” i pushed the thick vibrator deep into my cunt… in and out fucking myself deep and hard like Daddy always does. He growled grabbing my ankle pulling my stockinged leg back until my red heel pressed against His cheek. “Fuck MY pussy, baby… that’s right”. i started to shake and beg, “Can i cum, Daddy? Please Daddy… please!? Can i cum?” breathless trying hard not to cum until He gave the order. He tipped my face, “Look into my eyes while you cum, kitten” He purred. my body wracked with an orgasm leaving me shaking and nearly asleep.

“MMMmmmmHmmmm…. That’s My good girl. Daddy loves you, kitten” He said sweetly stroking my face. He sat the toy aside, pulling me into His strong arms. “you pleased Daddy well.” i smiled basking in the comfort of His arms and love.

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