Luck of the Irish

A quiet day was needed here at the McDaddy house. We slept in late, ran as few errands as possible, spent time catching up on our favorite shows and just relaxing. It was the day we both needed. i couldn’t ask for more.

Daddy lured me upstairs for a play session. That’s another post. 😉

Ravenous hunger set in after prodding me on to cook a full mean tonight to sate the hunger pangs. Ice cream bars were a nice treat to cool the late afternoon heat and tide us over. While tri-tip and red skinned potatoes baked in the roaster we finished typing up the answers to the interview questions Penny Berry sent us a few days ago. A nice bonding process talking about our dynamic and relationship to be shared with others in a way that neither of us normally do. It was especially fun because i sat typing Daddy’s answers as He dictated them. *giggles* Secretary/Boss role play has been a long time fantasy. We didn’t quite fulfill it, but we did have the opportunity to touch on it.

*rawr* There’s my sexy Daddy showing off His big guns… especially his Irish flag tattoo.

As we sat at the dining room table finishing up the last of our dinner, i caught a glimpse of Daddy’s tattoo. i picked up a small broccoli floret holding it just under His tattoo… “Look, they’re the same!”. It took a moment for Him to register my teasing. He did His classic, “Ohhhh kitten….” shaking His head laughing.

Tonight broccoli brought the luck of the Irish home. 😉

10 thoughts on “Luck of the Irish

  1. The cool things were working through the loneliness piece and just lying in bed naked. I could not believe how good it felt to have a gentle breeze blow across my body and the sun too at the same time.


    1. they both sound wonderful. that loneliness piece is one thing i miss about AA. Walking into a room and instantly having a place to be where it’s friendly and full of (mostly) good people genuinely interested in you.

      You’ve described perfectly what it’s like to lie naked. I spend as much time as possible as scantily clad as humanly possible. It’s the feeling of freedom and allowing myself to experience the elements. 🙂 i love when others find the joy in it as well. it’s special.


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