Giggle Juice & Mad Libs

Daddy & i picked up a Mad Libs magazine a few days ago at a local novelty shop. It’s been the best $5 we’ve spent in ages! We’ve had more fun with it than i imagined we would. With me being a pink girl, Daddy chose the Totally Pink version. Silly and fun and full of stories perfect for a little girl!!!! ♥ Last night we played until almost 3am. A few sips of giggle juice made things all that more fun. 😉

As i read back one of Daddy’s stories He laughed so hard that He literally fell on the floor laughing til He couldn’t breathe! i’ve never seen anyone fall on the floor laughing until i met Daddy!!! 🙂 i’m hoping maybe we can do more tonight!!!!

i’m curled up on the sofa watching Monster’s, Inc. waiting for it to be time for Daddy to come home. 😉 ( Between us we call it “into the out now” from our favorite scene in H@ME.)

Daddy & i are chatting a bit as He has time and we’re bantering back & forth about how He’s like Sully in Monster’s, Inc. ♥ Daddy’s big and furry, has a scary growl, He’s cuddly and takes care of me and He’s funny like Sully. 🙂 Daddy tells me i’m very much like Boo, the little girl, only wayyyyy cuter!!! ♥

2 thoughts on “Giggle Juice & Mad Libs

  1. Such great movies!! I love them too, and Mad Libs are so fun 😀 I can just envision you two laughing until you cry as you snuggle up. So beautiful ❤

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