Glamour Naps

Chatting with Daddy

me: Is it ok if i take a nap a little later, Daddy? i promise to get my tasks done.

Daddy: Of course, kitten. Sleep was a little interrupted by the HISSSSSS situation.

me: Daddy scared off that hisssy kitty!

me: Daddy, is there anytime You’d ever say no to a nap?

Daddy: Nevah! kitten needs her naps to be strong and beautiful. ♥

me: Glamour naps! 🙂

Daddy: LMAO Well stated, kitten.

4 thoughts on “Glamour Naps

    1. lol I do, too!! I think yesterday was the first time i’ve actually asked Him if I could take a nap. Usually it’s something He has me do or strongly suggests. He was thrilled to bits that i’d asked. lol When He said I needed sleep to make me strong and beautiful, how could I possibly say anything but glamour naps?! lol


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