DD/lg: Littles & Middles

Good evening, friends. 🙂

Tonight I want to start a discussion related to what it does and doesn’t mean to be a little. I’ve been writing almost exclusively about being a little lately, so I want to take a few minutes to discuss what it means to me to be a little and dispell a couple of the assumptions and stereotypes people have about my lifestyle.

First off there are no segments of the BDSM/kink community which promote pedophilia. DD/lg relationships are between 2 consenting adults who are legally and psychologically capable of entering into a relationship. Secondly, consent is the foundation for all BDSM play. I also want to point out that there is never a time when I’m not aware of my actual biological age and am unable to function as an adult. Little space is a way to escape the stresses of being an adult and revert back to the comforts of childhood or the teen years when things were simpler. With those things said, I can speak more to the actual topics I want to.

Being a little is not a set group of specific likes, behaviors, or actions. Even within the three distinct subsets of age regression there are few commonalities between everyone in those groups. Each of us are unique just like in another group of people.

The subsets of littles are: Adult Babies (AB), Littles & Middles. AB are the most well known. That is what most people outside of our community associate with being a little. Diapers, bottles, onesies, pacifiers.

I am both a little & a middle. I slide between being adult Jodie, little & middle parts of myself fluidly. I think I am in the minority that I am both a little and a middle. Setting, mood, desired activities and other factors play into which state I am in.

Few people outside of my Daddy see me truly little unless they catch me in little space out somewhere with Him. My little side ranges from roughly 4 years old to 9 years old. Little space for me isn’t at all about “things” and trappings, but the emotional and mental space I’m in. In little space I’m more cuddly, I ask a million questions (why questions are always a favorite), I’ll tug Daddy’s sleeve to show Him something. I can get pouty and whiny if I’m overtired or hungy. In that space it’s all about having Daddy there with me and whatever we do is ok. We recently bought a MadLib’s book which is a great little space game. Disney movies, cuddly blankets, cartoons, coloring, going out for ice cream or to the park are very much part of being little for me. Aside from fuzzy footed jammies, I don’t have “little clothes” or special dishes. Well, almost true. I have a couple of Mickey & Minnie light up travel cups with crazy straws that are always favorites… little or not. Sometimes I’m chatty and others I’m just about being close to Daddy and more quiet.

I am also distinctly a middle on a regular basis. When you read my blogs about my dynamics with Daddy, our banter and how I flirt and interact with the world you are meeting me in middle space. Middles are typically 13-16 in the regressed middle space. When I’m in middle space I am typically about 13. Innocent, playful, slightly bratty… but not in a bad way, I’m a major flirt but it’s not always intentional. I blush easily. My typical clothing choices are from my middle space. It feels very much like I’m a 13 or 14 year old girl playing dress up and trying to be grown up with Daddy there to protect me let me be little again when being older gets scary… very much like what an actual girl at that age does.

The majority of people identifying as littles have more of a specific age they regress to. I haven’t met anyone else who flows between being a little and a middle fluidly like I do. I am very open to talking about my experience and answering questions or respectful discussion. If there are others like myself stumbling across my blog who are both littles and middles I’d be ThRiLlEd to talk to you! ♥

4 thoughts on “DD/lg: Littles & Middles

  1. Jodie, this is amazing! However, there are far too many points for me to touch upon in a reply, so I’m going to have to write a blog post of my own as, like you, I think the stereotypes need to be understood and addressed.

    I too am a little and a middle. Like you, I can be whiny and pouty or playful and silly when I’m little. In Middle space, I’m a lot more flirty and bratty, but not in the same way that I am when I’m being openly submissive. When the submissive in me xomes out to play, I am openly provocative, I test and I push, testing how far I can go before my Tall Person reacts.

    Thankyou, I will try and draft something this morning, but I already have 3 in mind, so no promies 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, Elena! ♥ I look forward to reading your post when you have time. 🙂 I”m much the same as you in middle space.. bratty and flirtatious with Daddy to a point of it almost always ending up in play. When we’re out in public together and i’m middle, He can’t leave my side because men flock to me and openly flirt with me and stare at me because of how i’m dressed and act though i’m not actively trying to draw attention to myself. It’s hard because men flock even with Daddy right beside me visibly my husband.

      When I’m fully submissive I’m provocative in a very adult way. The lingerie and stocking come out with the 5″ heels (i can’t walk in lol), leash presented to Daddy kneeling at His feet kind of stuff. VERY different than my playful bratty flirting and wiggling to tease Him.

      I love how similar we are… even with our differences. 🙂


  2. Thank you for this. I am a middle and sometimes feel like I am alone. There isn’t much about middles. I too think my next blog will be about what it is like for me to be a middle. What I have gone thru so far and how I am growing.

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