5:39 am

Daddy & i shot out of bed like the world was coming to an end hearing things being knocked around downstairs and Ruffi screeching in pain. WTF! Daddy grumbled as He pulled on clothes to deal with whatever was going on. Instinctively i called for Ruffi. That little pup scooted up the stairs and was in bed with me faster than ever before. He was shaking and his heart was gonna pound out of little chest. No blood, just scared.

Daddy saw the biggest cat perched on the landing at the bottom of the stairs staring at Him defiantly. i heard Daddy do an angry hiss at that cat that scared it enough to run for the door so fast it crashed into the sliding glass door 3 times before making it outside and over the fence.

Ruffi sat next to me at full attention ready to protect me if he needed to. It wasn’t until Ruffi saw Daddy in the bedroom doorway that he actually layed down and started to settle. All was well.

Last time Ruffi was this scared we had hours of pounding thunder that drove us both under the covers for Daddy to protect us. Last night he stayed glued to me the rest of the night so that mama could keep him safe.

Daddy snuggled really close soothing me after the crazy cat incident woke us all up. “Daddy has you” whispered in my ear with His arms around me and i drifted back to sleep.

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