His Trophy

Being the property of a Master means that everything you do and are reflect back on Him. On a day-to-day basis i call my owner Daddy, though it does not change one bit that underlying everything He is my Master and owns me totally. i am never remiss to this fact. Every action i take is in service to Him and hopefully brings praise and honor to Him. In simple words, i aim to be a lovely trophy which represents His guidance and a reflection of who He is as a person.

In my training, He taught me that each word i speak and write is a reflection on Him so i should be ever polite and mindful to reflect back on Him in a manner to make Him proud to own me.

The same is true of how i look and dress when in public, but also at home for only Him. i am His pleasure, His toy… His most treasured possession. i dress for Him whether He asks or not because i honor Him and want Him to be pleased and proud. i ask what He would like me to wear so that He enjoys looking at me and showing me off. Being His property extends beyond the bedroom and the walls of our home.

my greatest pride is when Daddy walks me on leash and collar in public for the world to see that i belong to Him… i’m His property. i’m not shy or embarrassed for the world to see me submitting to Him. i am proud to be His beloved and most prized possession. Daddy is telling the world how proud of me He is and claiming me for the world to see in the ways which matter most to us.

Master claimed me as His sub before i called Him Daddy. He collared me before making me His wife. Daddy closed the circle of ownership in all ways for the world to see. In my heart, i am first and foremost submissive to Him and pleased to serve Him in the hopes of always bring pleasure and pride to Him in all i do.

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