Gentle Reminder of Boundaries

Hello friends 🙂

It’s been a while since I’ve written an update on our home. Today, 41 days after the hot water pipe burst in the slab under the house, all of our walls are in tact… painted… and wait for it… the downstairs bathroom is fully functional. More work to be done… quite a bit more, but it feels hopeful and manageable.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to set clear and concise boundaries with the trustee once again. He formally began the process for resignation as trustee almost a month ago… so his time is almost up. Just as I follow the rules Daddy puts in place, he must follow the rules/LAWS he is bound to by the position he is in. He doesn’t get to pick and choose.

I digress. When his email came through last night about wanting to get the realtor out to the house as soon as the walls are in to begin the selling process I had the opportunity to practice clear and appropriate expression of boundaries and intentions.

(Given that he has already broken multiple trust administration laws AND has provided formal resignation documents) I simply stated that I am following through with a change of trustee to a neutral 3rd party appointed by the courts to break up the trust without prejudice. I was extremely polite and calm. Nothing additional was said other than I was following through with the change of trustee and few polite exchanges.

Brevity in words, as you can all tell, is not one of my strong points. When I can get there things run so much easier. I’m proud of myself for dealing with the issue at hand with no drama or anything which can recoil back on me. Lessons learned… if only I can remember the lesson each time I need it.

Hopefully soon we’ll have beautiful floors and cabinets and counter tops to snap pictures of and show for the stress of having our plumbing destroy half our home. 😉

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