Chubby Little Photo Challenge Day 6: Take A Nap!

Slowing down is something i don’t do well. Daddy routinely tells me to take a down day, rest and be quiet. Even when i’m sick, i still want to get up and go.

The picture below was taken this winter. Daddy hadn’t been here very long. i had a bad case of bronchitis plus i’d taken a bad spill and bruised and scraped myself all over myself. Daddy was so sweet… He saw me walk in the door whining and crying with blood dripping down my arms and knees and patched me up and kissed all my boo boos. i seriously didn’t feel good in this picture… you can tell just by looking at me. i stole Daddy’s hat because it was fun. Ruffi was cuddling me to keep me safe and help me stay in bed watching Beauty and the Beast (my favorite live actor Disney movie).

Daddy snapped a picture of me sick in bed with Ruffi taking good care of me. i’d nabbed Daddy’s Red Sox hat for good measure. 🙂

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