Almost Asleep

Adult Content NSFW

Long day of fun ended with a couple cups of Giggle Juice (aka: cocktails) and playing Totally Pink Mad Libs we picked up during our adventures. Bed called me earlier than usual. i was snuggled in with Cuddles in the crook of my arm and Ruffi wrapped up in the bend of my knee almost asleep when Daddy came up a few minutes later. He pulled me close, my head on His chest wrapping His arm around me as we watched a couple reruns of The Match Game on TV. my eyes were barely staying open when He went down for His final smoke.

i was in that hazy stage of sleep where i was more asleep than awake, but not totally out yet when He wrapped His arms around me from behind snuggling me tight kissing my neck and ear. Both arms around me… mmmm… Daddy’s arms. Those safe arms wrapped around my neck strangling me in a choke hold with one hand pressing my head back by the forehead! my eyes snapped open as He dominated me, owned me… reminding me physically and verbally than i belong to HIM.

i whimpered as He squeezed my neck a little too tight. Being the responsive Daddy~Master He is He released His hold… for then… only for a moment before strangling me once again not quite so tight. i couldn’t hold my moans at His total control feeling small, weak and helpless.

Still bound by His arm holding me firmly against Him it began…. hard, ceaseless slaps on my tender breast and nipple. Pleasure and pain shot through me as my sensitive nipple began to ache from His sharp slaps. No words… only control. my hand instinctively went to cover it, protecting it from the pain. He allowed this… once. i wanted Him to stop slapping my breast, give me reprieve but wouldn’t dare call my safeword. The thrill was greater than the pain! The second my hand slipped away He started again. Harder, faster on my big breast leaving His print on my white flesh and the nipple sore. my squeals and squirming let Him know my limit was near.

“Too much?” He growled in my ear with the concern of a Daddy not wanting to push His little one too far. “Somewhere else, Daddy? i don’t want You to stop…” i begged fully in subspace. He nudged me to turn over on my tummy exposing my bare ass. i was quick to obey.

Image result for spanking images

He’s never spanked me so hard before. Each spank hurt. No time between strikes! my sore boob stung pressed into the mattress intensifying the sharp spanks raining down on my full ass. Most of the strikes landed on the right ass cheek making it harder to stand… the sharp crack of His hand on my left cheek was a desired relief and new sensation taking me deeper into the pleasure pain continuum. i held out as long as i could before begging Daddy to stop. my begging was little more than a whimper of “owwww, Daddy…?” in my littlest voice.

The lips which commanded me and owned me kissed the boo boos on my sore ass before He pulled me safely back into Daddy’s arms for kisses and cuddles. “I love you, kitten” He whispered so sweetly. i purred, snuggled so close. As i returned from subspace, i thanked Daddy for spanking me and controlling me.

Daddy asked me if i wanted His hand or a riding crop. i told Him honestly that His hand is my favorite. He groaned between an “awwwww….” and a rough growl letting me know He loves it. “Really, kitten… Daddy’s hand is your favorite?” He murmured tenderly. There are so many reasons why His big hand is my favorite. For the moment i just said, “Yes, Daddy” and snuggled in closer.

i don’t remember much after that, but i woke up feeling so close to Daddy and slight traces of His hand print remaining on my ass and a sore nipple. In a quiet moment when the drywall team was out of earshot, i wrapped my arms around Daddy’s waist and rested my head on His back whispering in His ear how much i enjoyed last night thanking Him again. He gave me the look… the “damn straight” look with a wink. i went back moments later and giggled, almost shy as i told Him how much i love feeling the soreness as a reminder of who i belong to. He growled possessively with a smirk that spoke volumes.

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