Shopping Day with Daddy

Good afternoon, friends!

Daddy and i got up and out of the house early. Anything before noon is REALLY early for Him. lol He remarked on it when we were on the road at 10:15am.

Quick playful picture of us between our adventures

Stopped for a quick breakfast a local bagel shop. First fresh bagel Daddy’s had since moving to California 11 months ago. He was very impressed with the place. πŸ™‚ It was cute, though awkward. Daddy gave me my allowance this morning. i don’t have a better word for it at the moment.. just my spending money for the next couple weeks, since i’m a housewife and have no actual income that’s my own. i bought breakfast. πŸ˜€ Makes me feel good to be able to treat Daddy sometimes. As i got ready to pay the Chinese owner of the shop asked Daddy where He found a rich woman because he needs one, too. Daddy laughed. i piped in that Daddy gave me money and today i was treating. The man said, “You’re not Chinese! You’re not in Hong Kong! In American, all women are in charge.” i laughed and blushed telling him that in our house Daddy is in charge. It was an adventure for sure!

We got an oil change. The service manager was friendly and nice. i think i turned about 15 shades of pink when he asked me right in front of Daddy if i wanted to be his “next ex-wife”. That’s about the time Daddy told him we’re newly weds. β™₯ Daddy to the rescue!!!! β™₯

Daddy took me into a toy store!!!! First thing we saw was bicycles. πŸ™‚ Daddy was a pro-rider back in the day and still loves biking and being outside. i’m excited to get out and ride with Him. We’re been looking for the perfect bike for a while now. Saw a pretty pale blue one today with a basket on front. Of course, i slipped into little space and had to ring all the bells and honk every horn they had. *giggles* THEN…. then… i saw the helmets!!! OMG!!! *giggles* i started trying them on! Daddy wishes we’d brought our camera, because He says i was just too adorable. The little girl’s unicorn helmet caught my eye and i couldn’t go without trying it on. Silly as it is, that children’s 8 year old helmet fit perfectly on my tiny adult head. LMAO i thought Daddy was going to come unglued laughing.

We made our way through board games, cards, Hot Wheels, Legos ohhing and ahhing at lots of things and creating our wishlists as the holidays are getting closer. When i saw this little puppy dog stuffie, he just had to come home with me. i started snuggling him and i didn’t want to put him down. i didn’t ask or beg, but Daddy knew. He told me the little guy is for His kitten. β™₯ i squealed and kissed Daddy unzipping my purse to stuff little Cuddles (his name) in with his poking out so my hands were free to shop. Daddy reminded me to take Cuddles out so He could pay for him. β™₯ Maybe tomorrow Daddy will fill out the adoption form for Cuddles. πŸ™‚

Saw a the most adorable pink and white unicorn hooded jammies that it was all i could do not to jump up and down before running over to touch them! i looked and touched… this time i asked Daddy if i could have them. i was a good girl, but i really wanted them!!!! Daddy said later there was no way He could let us leave without taking them home.

Uni-kitten snuggled up with Ruffi and my new baby, Cuddles
*wiggle, wiggle, wiggle* Dancing for Daddy trying to shake my tail

5 thoughts on “Shopping Day with Daddy

  1. I looove this post!! And OMG you look adorable in that unicorn onesie!! So beautiful! Big hugs to you and your new pal, Cuddles! I’m so glad you had such a wonderful day out with your Daddy! πŸ˜€ Xx

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