Truth be told, today is the very first time Daddy has scolded me.

i had just hauled my second bath of dishes upstairs for washing. my back hurt, i was crabby at the situation. Daddy woke up from a nap and asked me who i’d been talking and laughing with earlier. i answered Him, but i was smart-mouthed and sarcastic. “Don’t be sassy!” He said and He swatted my bottom. i kept talking for a moment more still sassy, before i shifted gears, stopped and apologized half-heartedly.

i came downstairs and started mopping the floor. i was mad at Him for scolding me. i was thinking that He doesn’t get to pick and choose when to scold me and not to…. He can’t let me get away with everything all the time and decide today, this one time to call me on it. As i listened to myself i heard me justifying how it’s ok to be disrespectful and rude, but not for Daddy to make me behave. i realized, too, that i’ve been asking Daddy to be more strict and enforce rules and i’m wrong to angry at Him for doing His job as my Daddy. That stopped my mean thoughts about Daddy altogether and snapped me back into my submissive thinking.

Not long after, He came downstairs and i apologized to Him the right way. We talked about the whole scenario and how we both felt about it. It’s a shift in our dynamic… one which i like. i aim to please as part of my submission, but there is also that element of me which wants and needs the control and dominance.

4 thoughts on “Scolded

  1. My mind fights too. It’s actually helpful to hear I’m not alone! I feel badly for questioning Him or feeling impatient, so I understand how you feel…the mind chatter, lol. I can also berate myself at times, wondering if I’m truly submissive. I guess our submission is in the choices we make about our feelings. Thanks for sharing, Jodie.

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