Day 2 of Little Introspection: What is the hardest part about being little?

Most of the time being little is fun and brings a lot of joy to my life and that of others i share it with. There are things which are difficult about being little. Yes, the good WAY out weighs the hard. πŸ™‚

i have the joy of being in a relationship where i’m able to be little the majority of the time… rather as much i want or need to be. Daddy structures our lives so that i have the freedom to slip in and out of little space whenever i want or need to. It takes a significant amount of stress off my life that i have the support in my life to do this. It’s also way more fun!


i’ve not met a single person who likes stress and most of us have some issues dealing with it. πŸ™‚ For me, as a little, i have a harder time dealing with stress and changes to my routine than just about anything else. When my world isn’t routine and calm i get overwhelmed and easily over-stimulated. i have a hard time creating structure for myself when things are out of my usual routine for very long. Things like eating on a regular schedule and getting enough sleep and quiet time become serious issues. i have anxiety which adds to the importance of structure and routine in my life.

One of the hardest things for me personally is finding myself whiny and crying because i’m over tired or haven’t eaten. It’s embarrassing… and it adds stress to Daddy. He deals with it in stride, but it’s still awful falling asleep crying in my dinner!

Being sexualized when i feel little.

i was just telling Daddy a story about being at a 12-step meeting freshly after my divorce where i found myself surrounded by a group of men who were flirting and talking to me and i felt trapped. One of them told me i looked like a little girl who’d dressed up and wanted her Dad to tell her she looked pretty. This really didn’t set well with me at the time. The man was old enough to be my father and was flirting with me. It felt really icky. i wasn’t in touch with being little yet. In truth, when it happened i felt about 14 inside where i was playing with new looks and exploring being pretty and sexy… and 100% not ready to deal with the implications of my sexuality.

This is THE HARDEST part about being little. i’m not always little, so sometimes i deal with it well and others i can’t deal with it at all. This is the #1 reason Daddy and i left Fetlife. The attention rolls into the real world where i get flirted with and stared at a lot every time i leave the house!! i’ve been shamed by many women for not being able to handle the attention myself at times and needing Daddy to step in and deal with it. Being sexualized by anyone besides Daddy when i’m little feels really gross and intrusive and i don’t have the skills when i’m little to deal with it.

Thanks for sharing my journey of introspection with me. β™₯

8 thoughts on “Day 2 of Little Introspection: What is the hardest part about being little?

  1. Everything you share is useful. I consider if it may explain J’s behavior. She rarely puts herself in a sexually charged siruation. She presents as an adult everywhere, except at home.

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    1. I was thinking about the two of you as I wrote this. Honestly, the full realization about myself only came moment before writing this post. I’ve not fully settled into it myself. Odd that I’m very open about my sexuality, yet I feel vulnerable exposing that I feel young inside and ill-equipped to deal with parts of the world.


      1. J protects herself too. To the extreme. But I am seeing my role as protector ever more clearly. She has a bit of bronchitis , so. She wants me to get the Thermometer ready to take her temp. It’s an old fashioned mercury oral bulb type. So I clean it with alcohol, shake it down, give it to her to use. She could do all that herself , but no. This is a ritual she structured just Friday night. I think it will go away when she feels better. Still this Routine is not for Adult J, is it?

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      2. i’m especially little when i’m sick. just how it goes.

        a thought for you to consider… be protector and nurturer… but be careful not to go so far as to lose the possibility of having a lover. When she gets better, perhaps try giving her a simple command and see how she takes to it. go from there and see how it goes. that is also part of the Daddy dynamic. β™₯


      3. Since she’s sick and you’re take care of her, now is a nice and simple time to start building in affection if you haven’t already. Stroking her hair, kissing her forehead or even cuddling her while she rests watching tv, napping…. those are comfort things. Not for everyone, but many. πŸ™‚


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