Why do i love fur?

Daddy just wrote His reason for loving fur, so i thought i’d follow suit with what draws me to it. Take a gander at His post and hit the old like & follow buttons @: https://lifeofadaddymaster.home.blog/2019/08/31/fur-fetish-when-why/

i can’t remember a time when i haven’t been drawn to fur. i was a child of the 80’s which was a decade of decadence and glamour. Fur is the epitome of both of those. i grew up watching the stunningly beautiful women on TV wear fur… they were beautiful, sophisticated, powerful… all the things i hoped to be.

Image result for linda evans fur
Linda Evans circa 1980 Dynasty
Image result for linda evans fur
Linda Evans circa 1980 Dynasty

i’ve always loved the texture of fabrics… satin, silk, lace, and of course fur! i bought myself my first fur coat about 12 years ago. i tried to leave it at the store… really i did… but i got such a good deal on it the sales lady practically gave it to me. How could i pass it up?!

Wearing that coat made me feel glamorous, sexy, beautiful. my natural instinct was to stroke the fur with my hands and brush my face against the thick collar.

The first time Daddy stroked my face with real fur as He kissed me a true kink had been born. Seeing the effect it has on Him was enough to make me love it if i didn’t already. i did… i just didn’t know quite how much!

One of the things i love most about having a fur fetish is that it’s a sensual feast for both of us. One we can share at home in the bedroom or out on the town. The look, the smell, the feel…. it’s more than a kink that’s left in the closet for play… it’s an added layer of fun and sensuality we can share anytime the weather permits.

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