Fox For Boa

Daddy and i met in person for the first time last July (2018). i remember well the days and weeks leading up to us deciding to meet. After one of our usual all night chats (Daddy was on the east coast and i on the west coast with Him working graveyards… time was precious!) as He called me i asked Him if this particular date would be OK for my arrival. He practically jumped through the phone in excitement. *giggles* i was too busy confirming flight details and stuff to be as excited right that moment. Very soon after we celebrated together in all our joy and dreams of what our time together would be like.

The couple of days leading up to my flight were torment! It was awful, yet so very exciting. i’ve written about my flight where i stayed up all night in the airport, fell asleep with ginger ale in my hand spilling it all over my pants and then Ruffi barfing on me 10 minutes before meeting Daddy for real… face-to-face so i’ll skip the details. Just imagine that Daddy’s very first sight of me was exhausted, whiny from the stressful trip and so in need of DADDY!!! He was just that…. ♥

Daddy rented me a hotel room of my own so i’d have a private place to relax and… in case we didn’t hit it off like we knew we would. The room was clean and comfy. Daddy had layed furry toys across the bed which looked soooo pretty. One of them was a fox fur boa. ♥

Funny how you meet someone and all the pieces just fit. From the moment Daddy and i first met and started chatting we fit like puzzle pieces waiting to finish a stunning picture. The moment i laid eyes on Daddy as the cab pulled up i saw the man i fell in love with Tigger bouncing as He watched me pulling up. He couldn’t get out to meet me soon enough. That first hello and my first “OMG Daadddyyyy! Fix it…” after my overwhelming travel, we were just as we’d always been. Daddy & kitten.

Daddy had me lay down on the bed and snuggled me into His arms. First time was… Mmmmmmm…. home. ♥ The long awaited snuggles, kisses… and He wrapped that beautiful red fox boa around my neck just before i fell asleep in His arms. A trip which started as 3 days turned into a week. i wore that boa every night while i slept. The nights He had to work that fox boa made it easier to sleep without Him. Daddy loved seeing me in it so much that He sent it home with me. It is my original and most meaningful collar. As non-traditional as you can get… but it fits us. ♥

A few nights ago Daddy and i played and that red fox boa came out of the drawer into our playtime. It’s stayed out since. Once again, i am sleeping with it tucked snuggly around my neck as i sleep… even when Daddy is right beside me. It’s a special part of Him… and of us. It still makes me feel like it did then… warm, safe, loved and especially Daddy’s little one.

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