Relaxing little Day

The last few days have been rough. Daddy’s been in pain since Thursday and not feeling well. Our home is still torn up. Yesterday it really got to me. I spent a bit of time curled up next to Daddy resting after having a full board tantrum from hunger and sheer exhaustion.

Today i got up early and curled up on the sofa watching season 5 of Grace & Frankie granting myself a little day. Daddy’s sleeping today after His graveyard shift. The house is quiet. i ran to the post office and got Scooby Doo stamps. 🙂 Made my errands fun. i got a McDonald’s cone before coming home. Ice cream makes everything better….

i’m getting hungy. A ham sammich with a side of berries sounds yummy. Maybe some juice in my Minnie Mouse cup with the twisty straw?

Hopefully Daddy gets up soon. i miss Him. i need Daddy snuggles and kisses.

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