Submission: Day 17

DAY 17: What does trust mean to you in the context of submission?

Trust in the context of BDSM and submission has an even deeper meaning to me than in the ordinary context. As a sub, i give Daddy control over my physical and emotional safety in our day-to-day lives and in our sexual play. i must trust that He’s going to be there. i trust that He’s got my best interest at heart when He makes a decision for us, or for me alone. i trust that He understands my needs and weaknesses. i trust that He’s going to stop when i use a safeword… or when He knows i need it. i trust that He’s going to enforce the rules He set forth for us to follow. i trust that He’s not going to lose control and physically harm me during me play. i trust Him to honor the gift of my submission. Trusting Daddy as a sub means that i am giving him my life and depending on Him to love, honor and take care of what i’ve given Him.

In return, as a submissive Daddy gives His trust to me also. He trusts me to follow His direction and TRUST HIM. He trusts me to love Him and respect Him in return. Daddy trusts me to follow through on the promises i make to Him and allow Him to lead. Daddy trusts me with His darkest secrets and fantasies in the play we share. Daddy trusts that i will be obedient and loyal. Daddy trusts that i have His best interest at heart in all i do. Daddy trusts that i will come to Him with what i want or need and express myself.

i’m sure i’ve left things out. In essence, the trust between a Dom and a sub is so deep and integral to the relationship you cannot have a functioning D/s relationship without it running on all cylinders.

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