Daddy’s little one

This week has been hard. It’s felt like a century passed in the last few days. Daddy and i had a fight from the stress… and we rarely so much as disagree beyond what we can find humor in. Exhaustion has over taken us both on a few occasions. Even in the midst of hard life days, we’ve found time to maintain our Daddy/babygirl relationship. Merely curling up together and letting the love flow between us as Daddy and His little one relieved stress better than almost anything else could. Those few minutes gave us the strength to soldier on and get this week done.

The week is drawing to an end (Tuesday is our Friday) and things are falling into place. Daddy slept all day, resting His tired mind and body, while i cooked our dinner and snuggled up next to Him napping with Him. A quiet day.

Right now, i am sitting across the office from Him as He works. We are quiet and doing our own thing… but we are very together. Being here under His careful watch i am ever His little one. He looks up to check on me and flirt a little bit when He has a moment. i smile and stifle a giggle feeling the closeness and connection of being near Him and safe.

i am reminded right now that being His little one is more than just curled up in His arms or under His hypnotic spell during our kinky sex. Being Daddy’s little one is being with Him in all we do…. even if we are not side by side or in the same place. Being Daddy’s little one is the feeling of utterly belonging to Daddy and knowing i am always safe and loved no matter what is happening.

i am always Daddy’s little one.

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