Bucketlist of Sex Things to Try

OK…. so I was reading pages on Gorean slave training and decided to do a Google search on fun, new kinky things to try. I didn’t expect any list with a vanilla search wording to be all that exciting, but this one is so vanilla I can’t hardly believe I bothered to read it clear through. I just got a reminder of just how kinky I really am…


13 thoughts on “Bucketlist of Sex Things to Try

  1. Oh yeah. This is consistent with the Amusement Park Model for Sex, where doing the nasty is nothing more than some sort of primal roller coaster. I suppose that is one way of looking at it.

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    1. Something like that. lol I look at most of those things as being pretty boring. Frankly, I did most of the them by the time I was 20. A few left… and those are mostly things I have no desire to do. I guess my tastes are more… what’s the word I’m looking for…. more kinky and edgy than the average person would desire.


      1. I remember in my twenties and thirties when I was trying to wrap my head around all this sex stuff, while trying to reconcile my desire to experience and experiment with Judeao-Christian moral teaching. It is a miracle I am not crazier than I am already. At one point I wanted a threesome. I was married to Wife #2 at the time. Had some body picked out even. It didn’t work out. I was drinking and crazy at the time. Crazy, as in active alcoholism.

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      2. Yes, I know the crazy alcoholism all too well. lol I’ve been married to 3 of them… all in active addiction at some point in our marriage. Things were wild…. in a wide variety of ways.

        I’ve done the threesome thing. Honestly, I wasn’t all that impressed. Perhaps it was just my experience? Or does everyone else tell fishtails about how fantastic it is to be cool? lol What I found was that one of us was the 3rd wheel most of the time.. it was ME!!! After the 3rd person left, I got to try things I never thought I would. I had sex with a woman. Funniest part… this was the first time I discovered that I enjoyed the idea of giving pain and being rough. Hmm… I’d really kind of forgotten that part until now.

        As to the Judeo-Christian morality? There’s a reason I’ve been married 4 times!!!! I may no longer follow the teachings, but much of the morality is ingrained in how I tick. For the first time, I married an Irish Catholic boy, falled from the church like myself. It gives us even more to build on than I ever imagined. We share a common morality despite being atheists. Guess our Moms did us right.


      3. Yeah. I used to get all weird around atheists and Moslems. Now, I am a lot more accepting. The acceptance of people as they are and how and what they believe is the basis for real love.

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      4. So very true!!!

        Funny? When I was maybe 20, a co-worker was a Christian marrying a Jew. She was converting to Judaism. I couldn’t understand then HOW she could deny Jesus. At that time in my life, I was also praying a rosary daily during nap time. (I worked in a pre-school then). Who’d have thunk that all these years later I’d call myself an atheist?


      5. Wife #2 was an alcoholic too. Her family was dysfunctional at a way higher(lower?) level than my own family. For example, I met her mother’s lover before I met her father. And her mother and father were married at the time and remained married.
        Her father was a high-powered Medical Academic in pediatric neurology. The family was New England blue blood Old Money Wasps. Patricians.

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  2. I came from a world of alcoholics. My Mom and Dad were not. But uncles, a grandfather, cousins were. Wife #2, (I’ll call her A) had the full complement of drunks, and mentally ill too. Her Aunt, Sue H, committed suicide a few weeks after our wedding. I began to expect that sort of stuff. And given they were the “Elite”, it never seemed to faze them. I dunno. They’re all dead now.


    1. Alcoholism is a family disease. This is one of the things I remember clearly from all the Al-Anon meetings I sat through with my mom. I also spent quite a bit of time in Ala-Tots and then Ala-Teen.

      Alcoholism runs rampant in my family. Both sides. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings. Those of us who aren’t addicts/alcoholics have serious co-dependency issues. Mental illness also are a dime a dozen on both sides. They seem to go hand-in-hand.

      My mom worked hard for me to have better and know better than she did. I am far from perfect and from having characteristics of the sick family system, but I am remarkably better adjusted than she was and most of the rest of my family. I am the only one who got help….


      1. Awwww… *hugs* You just make my day with all these sweet things you say to me. I’m quite delighted to have you, as well. I may not be quite as good about saying it, but I do look forward to reading about your life and wisdom and way of looking at the world. I get a perspective other than my own in a way I’m able to hear. Besides that… I enjoy our chats!!! lol

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