Trying to stay positive

Daddy and i slept in late today. It was so desperately needed!! Ran to pick up our laundry from a friends house down the street. What a nice gift not taking all of our laundry to the laundromat is!! Truly. ♥ i think just about all of our clothes are clean now. With all the disruption lately, we’ve missed things here and there. We’re pretty close.

Last night i blew the fuse in the kitchen which has the microwave, stove and fridge on it. Stove has been sitting in the middle of the dining room for over a week now so that those massive heaters and fans can run 24/7 drying out the space. i turned on the microwave and BOOM! No more electricity. It’s blown beyond just resetting the fuse in the circuit box outside. It needs replacing. We’re not talking today about how old the circuit box is and that it’s way out of code. Just did… but that’s all i’m saying. 😛

Daddy came up with the brilliant plan of moving the fridge so it’s plugged into an outlet that works. Extension cord got the microwave running, too.

Looking around the place, it’s hard to stay positive. i’m just about ready to hop ship and land wherever i land to be totally honest. i’ll include pictures a little farther down. We still have no hot water and there are no baths or showers coming anytime soon. Not enough water pressure. Buckets and bottles or sun warmed water do the trick. i was thanking Daddy for not putting me in slave mode to the point of boiling water to fill the tub for Him…. and me after. We have one of those little electric tea kettles that would do the job… just take forever. Daddy laughed and told me He’d thought of it. ;P i laughed because i know there’s a bit of truth in there. Maybe one day i will just to please Him. For Daddy, i’d put the work in.

i have a counter top turkey roaster that i just thought about plopping on the living room floor to bake Daddy and me dinner. Very unconventional. lol Is there any part of this scenario that’s conventional?? Nope. At least i have a plan for a nice dinner for Daddy when He gets home from work tonight!!!! ♥ That one thought just brightened my day and made things feel a little more manageable.

From the front door
What used to be our pretty, well decorated living room
Where the bathroom flooded
During the flooding
Dining room…. just wait… next picture has our stove there, too
Classy, right?

The kitchen, as you can see, is totally useless. My hardwood floors are gone along with the pretty granite counter tops. Home is anything but comfortable right now. i like to remember that anywhere Daddy and i are together is Home and all will be ok. This will all be over soon. *crossing my fingers*

11 thoughts on “Trying to stay positive

    1. We’ve thought about it. We’re actually able to afford a nice home in the city we’ve been looking at in New Hampshire. There are new builds going at a price we can afford along with older homes with charm which are small and have land. It’s just holding on until we can go!

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      1. I don’t blame you. The prices outside of the trendy areas are pretty good. They will practically give you a house in Rochester, New York, or so I’ve heard.

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      2. lol i’ve heard enough stories about Rochester to know why they’re so cheap. 😛

        Neighbors a few doors down are moving out this weekend. After a year and a half of renting after their home burned in the fires their home is rebuilt and they’re going home. 🙂 i’m happy for them!!!

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      3. Good
        Rochester was once an OK place. Then people stopped buying cameras that use film and they were SOL. XEROX was there too. And Unisys. So a lot of the first generation computer companies were there. Ex-wife #2 ‘s Uncle and his family lived there in the early 80’s.

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      4. Cooperstown is where the Baseball Hall of Fame is. Always wanted to go. 🙂 Once I move back east, I’ll get to see quite a bit of it back there. Daddy’s a native and has been all over the east coast.


      5. Ex-wife #2 and I went to Cooperstown once The town is charming, the HOF is meh. How many old bats, gloves, balls, and uniforms can any one look at. The town where Oneida Silversmiths strategies cool. It was originally a commune for 19th Century Hippie types. The Oneida Colony. The founder, a man named John Humphrey Noyes, thought open relationships were kinda cool. He got in trouble for violating “contemporary community standards.” YouTube was not around to demonetize him.

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      6. Kinda glad they didn’t. 🙂 I like their silver work!! Ahhh… when are people gonna get over their way being the only way. Open relationships aren’t my thing, but I know because I’ve tried it. To each their own. ;P

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