my Daddy Lion

my Daddy Lion is strong, fierce, holds everything together no matter how hard it is. Daddy doesn’t cry. Daddy doesn’t get mad at kitten. Daddy doesn’t say when something hurts. Daddy is always a Daddy Lion…. not just a Daddy. Sometimes Daddy’s hurt, too…

i think i can count on one hand how many times Daddy has been hurt or angry at me enough to say something. Today was one of those days. It was sooo not fun for either of us!!! Since Daddy isn’t practiced in talking about His feelings, they came out sideways and added to the problem. We fought and yelled at each other. We both said mean things. When Daddy eventually told me the feelings underneath His upset…. how could i be mad at Daddy?! He let me see His insides… the soft part where He loves me most. i had acted, unknowingly, in ways that made Daddy feel unimportant, unloved… i let Daddy down. i just wanted to hug Daddy and make it all better!!!

Daddy was so sad and angry at Himself for yelling at His kitten. i wanted so much to love Daddy just like He does me when i get mad at Him for things. i cry, so worried i’ve hurt Him and go crawl in His arms. He pulls me close, tells me how much He loves me and that He will always love me. He holds me until i feel safe and secure again.

Daddy doesn’t need kitten to be like Daddy. No, Daddy needed His kitten… His little one to make it better. i packed His lunch and sent Him off to work with hugs and kisses. i have dinner planned just for Him when He gets home. i reminded Him that no matter what, i love Daddy most and NEED HIM MOST!!!! i have a big laundry basket i need help carrying. i asked Daddy if He can help me with it later. 🙂 i let my little side come out to play with giggles and the total adoration i have for Daddy. i also curled up in Daddy’s arms, biggest, tightest hugs…. so sorry for hurting Daddy’s feelings.

Our fight was really hard. We were both hurt and angry and disappointed. We both felt unloved before it was over. i’m really happy Daddy let it out! Daddy told me just how much He needs me to be HIS little one. He let me see just how special i am to Him and how important it is that i go to Him always and rely on Him. Daddy let me see just how much He loves me and relies on me, too.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the Daddy/kitten dynamic goes both ways. Daddy needs me to be His kitten just as much as i need Him to be my Daddy.

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