My favorite time of year as a little girl was Easter. My parents always took me down to buy a traditional, frilly Easter dress and new pair of patent leather shoes. I loved this more than just about anything else!

I can’t remember if it was 2nd or 3rd grade, but I had a twirly dress! How I loved that dress!!! It was pink on top with a few decorative buttons and magenta on the bottom. The hem fell above my knee, as did all little girls dresses in the late 70’s. I would have worn that dress every single day if my mother had let me!

Sadly, mom regretted buying that dress. She saw the dress as one to be worn on special occasions or once in a while. It wasn’t functional. It wasn’t an all the time dress. That was the first and last twirly dress I picked out myself for many, many years to come. Mom was beautiful and feminine, but she was anything but girlie. This dress was the start of her trying to take the girlie out of me.

For years to come, I always had a closet full of dresses. I rarely, if ever, wore most of them. Mom always bought me dresses, they were just plainer, no frills dresses. I didn’t want to wear those. By the time I started buying dresses for myself I’d gotten out of the habit of wearing them. I’d forgotten the joy they once brang me. I’d lost that frilly little girl who wanted nothing more than to be pretty and show off my dresses.

In my early 30’s I started buying fun, pretty, frilly dresses. At first they were uncomfortable… I felt silly. The compliments I got were staggering! I had a friend, passed away now, who recalled the first time he saw me. I was wearing a flowing white dress and I glided into the room on air with a smile that lit up the room. Now, that’s a way to be remembered!!! ♥ He came to be like the father I never had.

These days, my closet is full of pants and jeans I never wear. lol Frilly dresses with lace trims and happy flowers make up most of my wardrobe. Of course, I have my old work horse dresses that are meant for comfort and lack style which I wear around the house on those days I don’t want to fuss. Skirts and sweaters, blouses and more than a few mini skirts which Daddy only allows me to wear out with Him.

Dresses… dresses… dresses… most of them twirly and flouncy with little girl pinks are what you find me wearing most days. I am still that little girl who delights in shopping for pretty dresses and showing them off. All that much better if Daddy takes me shopping. ♥

2 thoughts on “Dresses

  1. My favorite color is pink, like baby pink. Adam knew this long before we got engaged, so he wasn’t surprised when I wanted our wedding colors to be baby pink and black. He didn’t groan or complain, but took it like a man and he and all his groomsmen rocked their pink and black tux. My flower girls wore these bouncy, long, pink dresses hooped at the bottom. My little ring bearers had their tiny black tuxedos with pink bow ties and cummerbunds. When I think of girly, princess, fairy tail, I think of mine and Adam’s wedding ❤️ The funny thing with me is, I was a total tomboy growing up! I wore whatever my mom laid out for me, my hair got put into a ponytail every single day so that it wouldn’t fall in my face while we were playing in our forts or fishing. Something in me began to change as I got into high school. That’s when I started to care a little more about my clothes and hair. I experimented with makeup and all the girly things. If you could tell 10 year old me what my wedding and then my life would look like, I’d have called ya crazy. It’s funny how much things change, but also how much stays the same. Our 10 year old selves are still a part of us. I’m one of the lucky ones who was blessed with an amazing childhood and two amazing parents who are still together and live just about 2 miles from me now. Despite a beautiful childhood, I always wanted to be grown. I couldn’t wait to be an adult. Early into my twenties, I realized adulting is actually really hard. Adam and I don’t quite have a “daddy/little” dynamic between us, or we’ve never thought of it that way anyhow. When you described the emotions both y’all felt when you fought, that sounded so much like the ones Adam and I experience when we fight. I need him to be my protector, my comfort, my Prince Charming swooping me up and away from all the evil queens of the world. He needs me to be soft, gentle, kind, to submit and trust that he’s doing what’s good and right for me. I guess I’ve drawn this comment out long enough lol sorry for rambling! This post spoke to me. Even though our lives and relationships are not the same, so many of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions you express are completely relatable to me.

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    1. That’s one of the reasons I follow you! ♥ Different yet the same. 🙂 Daddy and I had our wedding spur of the moment in our living room! My best friend did the online marriage thingy and married us a few hours later. Quiet and so very romantic!!! Not even close to what I’d imagined, but I’d not change a thing. ♥

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