Where’s your happy place?

Is your happy place an actual place you visit? A feeling? A memory? An imaginary place? Where do you feel happiest? Where do you retreat to when you just need a place that feels calm and safe? i have a number of places.

my bedroom has always been my first choice. It’s the one place from childhood clear through that has been my safe haven no matter what’s going on in my life. i’ve had my own bedroom for as long as i can remember. Mom always made sure i did…even if it meant she slept on the sofa. There are many things i can do without in life, but quiet time alone in my bedroom when i need it isn’t one of them.

There is NO PLACE like Daddy’s arms!!! Laying face-to-face on our sides with my face buried in Daddy’s chest is the absolute bestest!!! That’s the one place where absolutely nothing can hurt me and i can settle down and let Daddy handle the world for me. i can cry. i can sleep. i can giggle and play. i get to be unequivocally Daddy’s little girl. ♥ Anytime Daddy has His arms around me is a happy place. Sitting at His feet as we watch TV or laying with my head in His lap…. Daddy cups my tiny little head in His huge hand and strokes my face and hair. Where we are doesn’t matter… only that i’m in Daddy’s safe arms being loved and taken care of.

Living in California all my life, i find peace and joy in the midst of the Redwood trees. The drive out of the city and into the woods isn’t far, but it feels a million miles away as i get closer. Noise slips away and the peacefulness of nature fills the void. Walking along the trails into the Redwoods getting smaller and smaller in comparison to the 1,000 year old trees is comforting. Fresh air, birds chirping, small animals peaking out at me. It’s not long before there is nothing weighing my thoughts or distracting me from the moment.

Today has been really hard. i needed a reminder of where i go to feel safe and push the problems of the world out. i’m in my bedroom at home watching Bohemian Rhapsody on TV chatting with Daddy and reminding myself of my happy places. i asked Daddy to take me to the trees soon. Daddy & kitten wandering in the trees holding hands and watching Ruffi enjoy every new sight and scent. This is where i need to be. i can let my worries fall away and be Daddy’s little girl as He guides us and takes care of us where there’s nothing to worry about… look through the eyes of my little at the beauty of nature. Then… i can come back refreshed and face the next set of things to be done. ♥

4 thoughts on “Where’s your happy place?

  1. My happy places are sitting in Adam’s lap while he holds me and rocks me in our big comfy rocking chair, my grandma’s kitchen, the mountains, the beach, and driving alone in my car with my favorite music blaring and nowhere to be 🙂

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