Vanilla Desires for the Erotic

Daddy teases me, as i hide my face in utter embarrassed shyness, that i actually get a kick out of watching the 50 Shades of Grey series. At first i was frustrated with them and the total lack of authenticity to real BDSM. i’ve read a ton of articles and opinion pieces on how bad they are and why. After watching them on my own, without a committee of comments, i discovered a bit of fun in watching them. After all of Daddy’s teasing i finally figured out why i like them and am not irritated by them. They are vanilla romance novels for the bored women across America who desire romance, being swept off their feet, a hint of exotic sex without the reality of true BDSM play while maintaining the premise of a romantic love story above all else.

There are few scenes in the series that set me to talking about them, good and bad, every time i watch the final movie… 50 Shades: Freed.

Shortly after their marriage, Christian buys Ana a home and hires a woman to help remodel. The woman is eager to flirt with Christian right in front Ana. Christian graciously steps out of the room leaving Ana to put the woman in her place reminding her that she is Mrs. Grey and her husband will make choices which please her. This particular scene feels very much like something Daddy and i would do.

Ana has just enough brat in her character that it resonates somewhat. It’s still not terribly realistic to the relationships i’ve known and people i’ve talked to.. but enough so that i can find a bit of fun in their relationship and experience the romance it offers. Playful teasing and bratting are part of the romantic exchange in my own relationship.

The only scene in all of the movies that just sets me off complaining is when Ana breaks a rule around safety and Christian punishes her with edging and orgasm denial. She fights him and cries, yelling at him for punishing her. “This isn’t love!” she exclaims, “You denied me to get even with me”.

Every ounce of my being shrieks in disdain that she admonished him for punishing her, how he chose to do it… and worse yet? He let her get away with it! He apologized to her!!! It finally occurred to me that a vanilla woman would react this way! The stories weren’t meant for women like me who want to be owned, collared and submissive to their Masters. No… this was for those who fantasize about playing at D/s and BDSM. They want the control and protection a Master offers with the romance and tenderness of a purely vanilla lover.

Looking through the lens of who the audience is, i can have fun watching the movies and laugh at just how ridiculous parts of them are. They’re not sexy to me or even remotely a turn on… yet i get a kick out of watching them now and then.

One thought on “Vanilla Desires for the Erotic

  1. I still have not seen the movies! I read the books when they came out, but when Charlie Hunnam decided not to be Christian Grey, I found myself boycotting the movie thinking I’d hate it because I so wanted my favorite actor to be Mr Grey 😉

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