The Beauty of Ownership

We were dancing cheek-to-cheek in our hotel room after a romantic dinner last July when Daddy started kissing me and pinned me against the wall, looked deep in my eyes and proclaimed, “you belong to ME”. my lip started to quiver and i couldn’t look into His eyes for fear of crying. i was overwhelmed with love. He’d said the words before, but never with me in His arms feeling the closeness, protection and love pouring from Him. He tipped my chin up to look in my eyes and i started to cry. Daddy told me not to cry, He loves me… and if i cried He would lose Himself. i whimpered, barely a whisper, choking back tears, “Do i have to be strong?”. Daddy’s face softened with the most loving look i’ve ever seen as He drew me tight into His arms, kissed my forehead telling, “It’s ok, kitten. Daddy has you… always”.

Romance novels are filled with stories like this! In the BDSM world, pretty much every sub that’s been claimed by a Dominant has had a moment rivaling the romance and tenderness of my own story.

It was not until i dug into the heart of BDSM that i saw how much love and tenderness there is between a Dominant and submissive. Being collared and claimed carry the same weight of commitment as a marriage does in the vanilla world. Being collared and owned is not a punishment, rather a beautiful gift from a Dominant telling the world He loves you and will care for you in all things.

The picture i chose says so much about who and what we are to each other. Daddy is the lion and i His kitten. Daddy is strong, loyal, fierce in caring for our family, strict…. and so very loving. Daddy carries the weight of the world on His big shoulders making sure that His kitten is taken care of above all else. Daddy would go to the ends of Earth to make me happy and feel safe. i am His kitten. i strive to make Him happy and comfortable. i adore Him more than anyone or anything on Earth. i give Him my devotion and submit to what He says is best in caring for our family. i grow and learn from His guidance, as He wants me to be the best i can.

i kneel before Daddy and offer myself to Him out of sheer love and devotion as His property, because He cherishes my gift of submission above all else and offers in return His gift of Ownership.

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