Waking up to Daddy

NSFW. Adult Content.

Daddy’s big hand caressing my back, soothing me. He pressed up close behind me pulling me tight to His body. Lips pressed to my neck. i moaned softly as i slowly woke. Hand on my cheek pulling my face to His. Submission. i rolled over to Him eager for His touch. Daddy’s strong body pinning me down, thrusting against me. Hands pinned above my head and Daddy voice vibrating through me, “I told you not to spend the night alone in a hotel, little girl“. Smothered in a hard kiss, gasping from the excitement. “i’m sorry, Daddy…” i whimpered. A hard bite to my left nipple in His mouth before swirling His tongue around it. Back arching to Him. my soft hand wrapping around His hard cock as i begged, pleading, “Daddy? Dadddyyy?” over and over. Daddy’s head thrown back, His moans constant. “I need MY kitten so fucking bad!” He rolled on top of me, filling my tight pussy with His hard cock fucking me hard and deep. He growled, “That’s MY pussy! you belong to Me!” as He rode me harder. i started to cum. Eyes closed, screaming, thrusting up to meet His thrusts. “Look in my eyes, kitten!” i struggled to look at Him, but i had to obey my Master pushing me to cum harder. Daddy exploded His hot cum deep inside me. i thrust and squeezed His pussy around Him milking every lost drop feeling His cock pulse inside me. Daddy collapsed beside me exhausted. He whispered, “I love you so much, baby” as He kissed me, pulling me in close and we fell asleep curled up together again.

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