Bestest Daddy

Today was another rough day. We were exhausted and frustrated. Seemed like all we did today was run errands. There was a locally owned toy store right next door to one of our stops. Daddy took me by the hand and in we went. 🙂

From the moment we stepped inside all of the stress of the day was gone. i was little and with Daddy!! Extreme dot-to-dot books, coloring books, stuffies, puppets, marble mazes, and just about every other toy you could want to play with!!!

We walked around and ooed and awed at everything. i had to touch every stuffie in the store!!! 🙂 Daddy’s face spread with a grin watching me ride the unicorn on a stick around the store. ♥ i couldn’t have been happier!!!!

Each new thing, “Daddy, Daddy…. look!” and He smiled watching me relaxed and feeling safe again.

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